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Micromax is quicker than Samsung, Nokia, Apple & other brands in launching new smart-phones now a days. This could be supported by the fact that it has launched last two of its smart-phones in a really quick succession – Ninja 3 followed by Ninja 4 (within a week) now. It may be wrong comparing Micromax with Samsung, Nokia, and Apple as they are a class apart. Though Micromax has produced smart-phones in amounts and a mid level quality-wise-capability, it never reached the levels of the branded international models. Whatever may be the statistics of the company, the good news for budget buyers is that a new smart-phone called Ninja 4 (A87) is out, which has a larger 4” screen & the android OS v.2.3.6 Gingerbread running on it!

It is hard to understand, to which customer-group Ninja 4 is actually targeted as the other features – apart from the 4” display – are rather old and outdated. ‘Outdated’ doesn’t mean you get a phone which doesn’t have any capability at all, but it means the specifications that this phone possesses are no new and are like the ones we saw 6-8 months back in any other smart-phone. This model could be interpreted as a just larger-screen successor to Ninja 3, and that’s all.

What could actually make the spectators happy is the price of this phone, which is set to rupee 5999/-. If you consider the thickness of this phone which is 11.7mm, you would see its quick fat when compared to the slim and sleek phones out there at present. If you compare this phone with Ninja 3, you would find it lacking the style (that Ninja 3 had) plus the A.I.S.H.A (intelligent software which recognizes voice inputs & produces results and services, just like Siri) software is not present. The dual sim card option in Ninja 3 is also not available in this phone, and is a single sim supporting phone.

Overall, it could be concluded that Ninja 4 is a budget-smart-phone which has a rather large (which appeals to many) screen and the latest-smart-phone tag associated with it. It will be interesting if it performs better than its previous Ninja models, and that should make many people buy it. Otherwise the two oomph’s associated are only the 4” screen & the price.

Unfortunately, this phone is right now not available online (on snapdeal or flipcart), but if you are eager to buy one, do visit the Micromax stores and try to find where the phone is actually available. If you have already bought the phone, please let us know how it is working & simultaneously you can help others decide and buy!

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gogul on

can i upgrade to ics on that ninja 4?

Pradeep Choudhary on

This is good option if you are just looking for simple application and big screen its definitely not for gaming and running videos of big size and different formats.

creem on

This is a dual sim phone. Each and every website selling this, lists it as a dual sim phone.

But they show the price as 6999(Launch price and not 5999 as you mentioned) and its selling for 6000 and The mobile store has it for 5699. So I guess they must have upgraded the phone and the price or you got the specs wrong.

Its too bad they are not releasing an ICS 4.0 Update.

I think Micromaz and similar companies like Karbonn and Spice should focus on releasing the latest Android updates for all their phones, they can capture the market.

If they follow the same stratergy of Brands like Motorola Or HTC for example they will lose out. These companies do release updates as they want the user to buy the new Android phones they are releasing.

I have been following the various Android forums and have seen that they are losing out and many of Android users are switching to Sony.

Sony is not only quick in releases updates for its new phones but is even offering ICS 4.0 for its old phones.

These people will still upgrade their phones(buy new ones as they are released) but they love a company that offers them upgrades. They don’t want to be stuck with older version of Android while the world has a new version.

They want to experience it. Again many of us simply upgrade our phones every year or some specific time. As we have a budget. And if an Android update is released before that we sure want to experience it. In a few months they will go for the latest phone. So that is why many Android users are switching to companies like Sony that offer Android Updates sooner.

Micromax also should do this and they will increase their fan base.

For example I don’t want to buy a costly phone right now I want to buy a quad core phone and “settle” with it for 6 months or so.

But right now I want to experience Android 4.0 and If this phone had ICS 4.0 or even an upgrade I would have gone for it 6000 bucks is nothing and everyone needs a backup phone. This is a perfect backup phone in case the new phone which I buy in the future might stop working.

I like to sell my phone a month before i buy a new one so I get a good price

. That way this phone will server as a back up and I won’t feel the pinch as this has ICS 4.0

Micromax wants to break into the market then they have to release ICS and Jelly bean updates for all their phones that can have it(hardware wise) and they will see a jump in sales and if their phones are really good and people like it they will make a huge dent in the market.

pankaj on

ninja 87a micromax android vision upgrade suppot ?

andriod 4

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