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How to Root Motorola Xoom WiFi!

Wed, 10 Aug 2011 00:45:10 +0000

*Note – This guide is to root U.S. versions of Motorola Xoom WiFi versions only!!!

Here’s how to root Motorola Xoom Wifi:

1. .

2. Download here and copy over to the microSD card of your Xoom:

Make sure you have a microSD card inserted in your Xoom, it won’t work with Xoom’s internal storage!

3. Reboot into Android Recovery by rebooting your Xoom then using Volume Down button to select “Android Recovery” when Motorola splash logo appear.

4. Once in ClockworkMod Recovery, select “apply update from sdcard” and hit Power button.

5. Then select “Yes – Install /sdcard/” and hit Power button.

6. Once it finishes installing, reboot and enjoy your new rooted Motorola Xoom!

You can verify by finding the SuperUser app.



How to Install ClockworkMod Recovery on Motorola Xoom!

Wed, 10 Aug 2011 00:28:57 +0000

Here’s how to install ClockworkMod Recovery on your Motorola Xoom WiFi:

Download here:

Then unzip into a folder such as c:\xoomrecovery.

Open up command prompt by typing “cmd” under Start->Search.

Next, type:

cd \xoomrecovery

to change directory to the folder then type:

fastboot flash recovery recovery-Tiamat-R4c-100611-1150-cwm.img

If you get errors, you probably don’t have the correct drivers installed,

and install.

To reboot into your new recovery and verify, type:

adb reboot recovery



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