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Samsung Galaxy I7500 launches in UK

Looks like its green lights all round as the Samsung Galaxy has finally launched on O2.  The phone has been repeatedly delayed since it was first mooted back in June 2009.  Despite reports of previous bugs such as poor battery life and handsets restarting , it looks like O2 Quality Assurance has finally given the go ahead. The Galaxy is a landmark device, firstly by being the first o2 handset to have the android platform, however it also sports the slimmest form factor of all the current android handsets on the market. Couple this with a massive 8GB of internal phone memory and a 5MP camera, and the handset looks set to fly off the shelves

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The Samsung Galaxy I7500 phone is now available to buy from the O2 online shop . The Samsung Galaxy is the first Android phone to be released from Samsung, and also marks the first Android powered device to be available on the O2 UK network. With its 3.2-inch AMOLED touchscreen display, impressive 5 mega pixel camera and internal memory… Looks like the the delay is finally over and O2 is planning on rolling out the Samsung Galaxy this week.  According to ItProPortal , they have received confirmation from O2 Customer Service that the phone is ready to go for its blighty launch and that us Brits will no longer have a reason to be jealous of our French… O2 UK have finally added the long awaited Samsung Galaxy I7500 Android phone to their online store. … The Samsung Galaxy i7500 was first officially announced back in April, and since then we’ve seen the handset launch across parts of Europe and receive FCC approval . Up until now we’ve only seen the handset in it’s black finish, but the guys over at have managed to get their hands on some shots of the Samsung Galaxy… Samsung have today released a new firmware update for their Galaxy GT-I7500 Android phone. This new Android firmware update isn’t the Donut update, but is a specific update for the Samsung handset that is believed to provide better device stability and improved battery performance… The Samsung i7500 Galaxy handset has gone on sale in France.  Available on a 2-year contract via Bouygues Telecom, the phone is selling for €139 which comes out to about $195 US dollars.  This puts it in the same ballpark as the previous Android handsets we’ve seen. This marks the first Samsung device to feature Android as the OS…It seems that Samsung’s i7500 Galaxy is now available for free on contract from O2 UK.  The i7500, Samsung’s first Android phone, is available for free with a 18 month £44.05/mo contract, or with a 24 month £39.15 contract. The i7500 features 8GB of internal storage, a 5 megapixel autofocus camera, and an AMOLED touchscreen display. [via … It’s been a while since we’ve heard much news about the Samsung Galaxy GT-I7500 , so it’s a pleasure to see these live photos of the white version of the handset.  Rumored for some time, but until now unsighted in the wild, the images landed in the grateful hands of Arne over at the::unwired. According to his tipster, the… The guys over at blog have managed to get their hands on Samsung’s upcoming Android phone – the Samsung I5700 Galaxy Lite. As the name suggests, the handset is a slimmed down version of the Samsung I7500 Galaxy, with the main differences being the I5700’s 3.2 mega-pixel camera and 1GB of memory (the I7500 has a 5 mega-pixel… You gotta love days like today.  You come back from a holiday weekend to find all kinds of goodies in the inbox.  The folks over at the blog have gotten their hands on a Samsung Galaxy Lite and were kind enough to snap a few pics of it.  Oh, and there’s a short (1:45) video of it too….

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