Galaxy Note 4 Camera test, you will be impressed?!Android Fast

Galaxy Note 4 Camera test, you will be impressed?!

2014/12/22 1:11 AM

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It isn’t difficult to guess who has the best smartphone camera in 2014? Well, when it comes to video, it’ll be hard to beat the Galaxy Note 4! This awesome 16-megapixel camera shoots up to UHD quality video (3,840 x 2,160) with optical image stabilization. It’s probably some of the best footage I’ve ever seen from a smartphone and a fine example of how far mobile optics have come.

All of the footage in the video was shot on a Galaxy Note 4 in UHD at 30 frames per second. It’s pretty amazing when you consider that it came from such a small camera sensor. The optical image stabilization on the Note 4 will drastically improve handheld video and photos. Low light performance is alright, but the Note 4′s camera really shines in appropriate lighting.

As mentioned, everything was shot right on a Samsung Galaxy Note 4 When compared to other current smartphone video tests, the Note 4′s camera comes out on top. Recently,  the Galaxy Note 4′s camera is in a class of its own and has better camera than iPhone 6 Plus.

Check out the video for  Galaxy Note 4 for all seasons 4k test with drone…

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