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If you own an Android OS phone and you want to lose weight, there’s good news for you. Several intelligent weight loss applications have been designed for Android to help you lose weight and maintain your health. Here’s a list of the top 4 Android applications to aid weight loss.

Input your physical characteristics into the Diet2Go application, such as your age, weight, height, age, BMI and BMR to receive an accurate estimation of how much weight you need to lose. The application delivers a complete grocery list for each diet plan, along with a BMI calculator, weight loss tips and tricks, and a new diet plan every 2nd week.

The WWPoints Diary comes with a widget for the Weight Watchers diet points calculator and food database. You can place the widget on your home page and see your daily weight loss points. You can use this application whether you’re in the US or the UK. The application auto-selects diet plans for you based on your location.

The WWPoints Diary application offers several features apart from the daily calorie allowance calculator. There’s support for nursing mothers, both online and offline access to the food database, and access to calorie points for more than 20000 food items. There’s also a barcode scanner to scan food items and check points value for them.

Use this application to achieve a healthier lifestyle along with improved eating habits. This application includes diet plans, weight charts and useful tips.

The Personal Dietician app provides nutrition facts along with weight indicators in pounds, stones or kilograms based on your preference. The Personal Dietician application comes with dietary plans, body mass index calculator, food combinations for healthy eating, tips for weight loss and dieting and a weight chart and graph.

To use the Weight Loss for Cardio Trainer application, you need to download the free CardioTrainer application as well. With this application, you can lose weight without counting calories manually. What you need to do is set your weight loss plan goal and check your weight once a week. The application counts the number of calories you have consumed and tells you how many calories you need to consume per day to lose weight. You can also take advantage of over 40 exercise types that come with exercise reminders.

The Hypnosis for Weight Control application uses self-hypnosis to boost your determination levels subconsciously, helping you lose weight naturally. This application has a stunning user interface with interesting animations, background brainwave settings and several tips for calming the mind. It also has playback repeat settings and playback progress control to enable your subconscious to motivate itself.

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