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From past few days I am unable to provide you with , even I have not updated this .I was a bit busy and cant find time to update this blog.So sorry for that.From now onwards I will be actively posting tips and updates..So for today there is an exciting tip for all of the Facebook freaks.So today’s tip is posting an empty status message in FB. Have you ever tried posting an empty message.If yes then you might be knowing that FB doesn’t allow us to post empty status.So with today’s tip you can post and empty message and shock your friends..

So here is the trick.You can do this in 3 ways but the first one is not working.


Press ALT key and then type 0173 and then click on the post button.It will work on the Old interface of FB but it is not working in new interface.


Type @[0:0: ] in the status box and then press post button..You will be seeing an empty status .Wait and relax you if u r a gal then I am sure, the comment count will increase exponentially

sorry guys we don’t have that facility.


Just type 0 and post the status.The post renders into an empty post.

By the way you cant post empty comments some of the geeks here might try for that

. Don’t waste your time FB doesnt allow to post empty comments.If any geek can do that ,do post as comment i will update this post with that tip with the name of the person in this post.

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I wondered how you could able to post a empty message ?? Funny

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