Download Install Viber App For Windows 781810 PC Free Apk

Today I am going to tell all of you about how to download as well as install Viber in your windows 8.1, windows 8/7in your personal computer or in your laptops. Viber has many features like we can do free voice calls, we can also share images as well as text freely. There are many other applications available for smartphones such as Wechat, Hike, BBM, Kik, Whatsapp, etc. but this app is not officially made or designed for a laptop or computers. For using these apps on PC or laptop, we have to run this app with the help of Bluestacks application.

There are many features about this Viber which we find in this Viber, not in other application. So this is a very useful application for all of us. This application is officially designed and available on play store of Windows as well as on Android. With the help of the application, you will have a good connection between friends, family. You can do your work easily from any place where internet connection is available.

Nowadays I know that WhatsApp is very famous, and many peoples are using WhatsApp, but similarly, Viber will provide you same facilities that WhatsApp provides your smartphone, but Viber will provide this feature in your computers. The key features of this Viber are that this application is not only officially designed for smartphones but also designed for laptop and PC. Now I am going to tell you the easiest way to download as well as install this Viber into your computer or laptop. With the help of this process, you can quickly install it.

Key Important features of Viber:

  • With the help of this Viber I can send images, document as well as I can do video calling with my current location easily.
  • In this app there are more than thousand stickers available and with the help of this sticker, I am enjoying messaging as well as have fun during messaging.
  • I am also experiencing group chat because we can make a group of 100 peoples who are using this application in Viber.
  • For Viber you don’t need any registration or any password.
  • Viber application is a simple application to use.
  • You can also make video calls with the very low use of our internet data.Install Viber On Windows 8.1, Windows8/7 Pc

After knowing this features of Viber, if you want to download this Viber to your Windows PC or Laptop. There are two steps to download and install it into your window supporting computer or Laptop.

Method No. 1 To Download ViberIn Windows 8.1/8/7 Computer:

You can also download and install Viber on your PCwith the help of Bluestacks. Now I am going to tell you how to download this Viber into your PC, which has Windows 8.1/7/8. If you follow following steps, you will easily download as well as install Viber into your PC with the help of Bluestacks. This Viber officially produces for PC you can even run this with the help of Bluestacks. Given below is the process to use Viber in Bluestacks.

1) If you are not making use of Bluestacks then you must firstly download it into your PC.

2) Once you download this Bluestacks to your PC then install it.

3) Then next step is search Viber in search menu of Bluestacks.

4) Then click on enter then they will display Viber in play store then you will require clicking on to install button, then it will start downloading Viber.

5) Once it is installed successfully then you have to go into Apps in Bluestacks then you can run it easily with Bluestacks.

Method No. 2 Is To Download Viber Without Using Bluestacks Application:

If we want to use the app on our PC first we need to download it into your mobile phones:

Step no. 1: First step is that you must download this Viber from the official website of Viber.

Step no. 2: once you download this from website ofViber then just click on to install button in PC.

Step no. 3: You will see a window in which it shows some agreement, then click on accept then it will start downloading in PC.

Step no. 4: Then they will ask you that are you using Viber then you should click on yes.

Step no. 5: Then enter your mobile number and country code on which you are using Viber in your mobile.

Step no. 6: You will receive an activation code after entering that code you will be ready to use this on your PC.

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