Installing Sun Java 6 on Ubuntu 7.10 (Gutsy)

About 2 years ago, if someone asked me what the hardest part about using Linux was, I would have replied with “Sun Java is just about impossible”. The instructions supplied never worked or where too hard to understand. My directorys where in the wrong place. It was hell.

But now, after countless encounters with Java as Linux grows in popularity among desktop users, I have found a way of installing it that has never failed for me yet.

Now, these instructions have been tested on Ubuntu 6.06, Ubuntu 6.10, Ubuntu 7.04, Ubuntu 7.10. There may be minor tweaking involved but its pretty dead on for most Ubuntu and Kubuntu Distros.

And, as always, BACK UP YOUR FILES! By using these instructions you in no way hold or myself accountable for any damage caused to your hardware, software, or documents.

First, go here:
and download “Linux (Self-extracting file)” to your desktop.

Next, open a terminal and enter the following in order. I’m going to be explaining each step so that new Linux users can get an understanding of the process involved.

sudo -i
Enter your password. This puts you in root user mode.

mkdir /usr/java

This will make a new directory “java” in the directory “usr”

cd /home/’user name’/Desktop

Change the directory you are in to “Desktop”

mv jre-6u3-linux-i586.bin /usr/java
Moves the file into the java directory you created earlier.

cd /usr/java

Change the directory you are in to “java”

chmod +x jre-6u3-linux-i586.bin

This will change the .bin file into an executable file.


This tells the computer to execute the .bin file and start the installation process.

Accept the agreement then continue on to install the Mozilla plugin.

In a terminal type the following:

ln -s /usr/java/jre1.6.0_03/plugin/i386/ns7/ /usr/lib/mozilla/plugins

What this does is make a symbolic link between the plugin in the java directory and the directory that all the other plugins for mozilla are. This allows mozilla to use java when surfing the web.

Note: Your installation directory of Mozilla may be different then that above, so adjust accordingly.

Now, restart any open Mozilla/Firefox windows.

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