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Moving from ownership to investment in rental property may happen more quickly than you would like. Making the choice to buy a home can seem like the ideal thought at the time.With a steady job and not a lot of bills, you have chosen to enter into a slightly higher than comfortable mortgage payment. Little did you know, the job was going to be laying off workers and now you are stuck with a home you cannot pay for. Instead of allowing the bank to repossess your property, moving from owner to investor may save your financial life.Getting a tenant to move into your property can be a logical way to keep your home and save yourself from the troubles and anguish of repossession.Even if the home is highly priced, a renter can come in and tend to the home while paying a substantial amount of the mortgage saving your home from being taken back by the bank due to lack of payment. You, on the other hand, can move into a much cheaper place, possibly an apartment, until you can get back on your financial feet. This is where investment in rental property could be a real life saver.Most rental agreements in the UK are on an

and last 6 months, elsewhere in the World the standard can be between one and two years and in some locations around the globe it can be signed on a month to month basis.If the mortgage on your home is £1500 a month and the local renting median for the same sized home is £1200 a month, you will still be responsible for the £300 difference. But, £300 is much more manageable than £1500 and over time, with a new job and a new start, you may be able to move right back into your home and resume life as usual. Either way, if you have bought a second smaller property for yourself, then you will most likely be building up some equity on both properties. In normal circumstances in a few years time you should be looking at a nice bit of equity sitting in the properties waiting for you to collect it.This method of saving a home may seem like an odd way around repossession, but with the renter paying the majority of the mortgage the ownership of the home remains in your hands. In many situations the renter might actually be paying all the mortgage for you, and even leaving you with money in the bank. So you can be getting paid at the same time you are insuring financial security for yourself as well as maintaining a good credit rating.Investment in rental property does not always happen in a fairy tale way. But, if becoming an unexpected property investor means saving your home from repossession, there may be no other option that will provide a better end result.Someone else pays your mortgage. You get to keep your house. You have the option of moving back at some point in the future. The bank is happy, the tenant is happy, you are happy, it could be an ideal situation that could propel you on to even much bigger and greater things.The above scenario of someone accidently becoming a property investor by finding themselves having committed to an investment in rental property, can work well for many people.However, you do need to try and make the decision to rent out your property before you get into too much hot water financial, since if you damage your credit to badly you might struggle to get a loan on a smaller place; hence, not being able to double your equity gain long term. You might even struggle to be able to rent a descent property as a tenant yourself, since the letting agent is bound to do a

and if a poor credit history is uncovered, they are likely to refuse to rent to you.This could leave you having to rent a below standard property in a rundown area with a shabby landlord or letting agent being your main point of contact. Not a great situation to be in.So instead of letting yourself get into this situation, plan ahead and plan on investment in rental property before it is too late for you.Don’t forget that you might also have the choice to just rent out a room or two in your property so that you can still be living there but you can still be getting some extra money in to help you make those mortgage payments. **Nothing on this website should be confused with financial or legal advice. If you need this, or any other type of advice, please seek the help of a competent professional. In addition, because real estate laws change all the time and differ from state to state, and even city to city in the same state, everything in these pages should be considered general marketing advice and ideas. Please see link to full Disclaimer at the bottom of this page.

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