13 Hidden iPhone Headphone Tricks

iPhone Headphone Tricks

Yesterday we covered some ways to control the iPod app on your iPhone with the headphone cable buttons. But they can do much more than just control your audio ! Read on to be educated!

Here’s 10 Hidden iPhone Headphone Tricks

The iPhone headphone button does a great many things depending upon what you’re doing at that particular moment on your phone. Here’s a handy list of all of 10 Hidden iPhone Headphone Tricks:

Receiving a Call

  • Click the center button once to answer the call
  • Click twice to send the call to voicemail
  • Click once to hang up a call
  • Hold for two seconds and release to decline new call

Receiving  a Second Call

  • Click the center button once to hold current call and switch calls
  • Hold for three seconds and release to ignore new call
  • Hold for two seconds then let go to end first call and switch to the second

iPhone Locked or Unlocked While Idle

  • Click the center button once to begin playing music. Will restart from last song
  • Click once to stop playing music
  • Click twice to advance to next song
  • Click three times to go back a song, will go back multiple songs
  • Press and hold for 3 seconds to start Voice Control (3GS and iPhone 4 Only)
  • Volume buttons available next to button (3GS and iPhone 4 Only)

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