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The Digital Revolution for Apple addicted and Photographers

While Apple Inc. and CISCO are fighting (see

& ) for the trademark rights of the iPhone in the US, a Canadian company based in Toronto –

– the second largest VoIP service in Canada – is claiming the rights as rightful owner of the iPhone TM as well!

It seems that Comwave has been offering telecoms services under the iPhone name since 2004. According to Yuval Barzakay, CEO, the iPhone is a “very important” name to Comwave (I wonder why is that???) and will fight Apple & CISCO if they try to use this name…

Comwave does have a full range of “iPhone” products and services including an , a , ,


and even a tool free number — 1-877-i-PHONE-U !!

Comwave iPhone™ is a telephone service that that is quite liberating and frees you from the “Phone Company”. iPhone uses your High-Speed Internet connection as a phone line. With one internet connection you can enjoy as many phone lines as you like, and you can talk and surf the web at the same time.

Mister Barzakay and his lawyers claim they have a solid case, and I would have to agree with that. Nevertheless, he said no lawsuits will be filled as long as Apple’s iPhone isn’t available in Canada.

It seems Apple will have to negotiate the rights to use of the iPhone name in Canada and the US, that’s until we discover there is a company in Asia, Africa and Europe using the same name ah!

The saga continues…

January 30th 2007

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