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I have written a series on Online shopping, as every time I learn something new, I would like to update you adequately. , and . Keep reading as i have given a list of some of the items i have purchased online with their full price, and link.

This Article is meant to encourage you to love Online shopping. I shop mostly from Ebay. I even have a where I can actually purchase for you, items from Online stores, and it has benefited several People. Check out our .

I wonder why People would fear shopping online, but yet again it just could be you don’t know how amazing shopping Online is. Is OLX and other Online Classifieds services Safe to use?

The internet is slowly becoming the preferred way to conduct many services. OLX is used in over 105 countries in 40 languages. The company was founded in March 2006 and is privately held. OLX has really grown its presence in Kenya. I can say it is well advertised and it actually offers people free advertising. It’s an amazing service. However everything good, has its down fall. Read on to know whether OLX is safe for you to use or not. This article offers additional information to a I wrote on . I strongly suggest that youto get to know more.

For those interested in only reading more about the I offer for online purchases scroll down to the point onconclusion, although reading this whole article will give you a clearer insight.

I came to write this article after an ordeal I had with a client’s package. A client ordered an item. They were just simple glasses. So I kept checking my mail box, until I finally found a green paper. The paper did not have much written on it, except the words “150 KSH” which were written in bold. Going to claim my parcel at my post office I was redirected to go to the post office where parcels that have to pass through customs are stored. It left me wondering, “this glasses, how sophisticated could they have been…” For a long time this has been a great problem in Kenya. Many have asked how do i withdraw money from Paypal in Kenya? To add funds into your PayPal account is not easy, so is Withdrawal. You might want to purchase an item online but getting funds into your PayPal account is not easy. Most of the people who do online Job’s such as freelance writing receive payments through PayPal. Most of the online services out there offer payments through PayPal. Withdrawing this funds from PayPal is not easy, as PayPal does not offer a direct way to withdraw funds from Kenya, but do not be dismayed as there is a way to get to have PayPal funds in Kenya. Keep reading to learn more. The introduction of prepaid credit cards in Kenya has enabled many Kenyans to be able to have credit cards and conduct online purchases. In order to be able to use services like Paypal, one needs to have a credit card. Paypal is the best way to receive payment and make purchases as they have a buyers protection policy.Using Paypal with your credit card is easy, one needs to link their credit card to their Paypal account, verify it, and after that they don’t need to provide their credit card details again when they are making a purchase using Paypal. The best part is that a variety of merchants accept Paypal as way of payment, making it easy and convenient to use. Many of us would love to shop online from Kenya, because products are fairly priced. This is true, as most of the retailers in Kenya, purchase their products online then resell them at high prices. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if you were able to purchase items online just like most of the merchants do, at very affordable prices? Am sure it would. Keep reading!

The most common websites for online purchasing are , , and which is a subsidiary of Ebay. offers online shopping for Kenyans, and it gives the Kenyans the convenience of paying using mpesa, or paying for items on delivery. This article shall focus more on how to shop in websites such as Ebay and Amazon. If you are ever on the Kenyan Roads am sure you share the same sentiment as most road users, “there is too much traffic jams”. Traffic jams can cost you a lot and make you miss that big date or that very important appointment. Traffic jams can also make you miss your flight. If you are catching an international flight you need to add 1 or 2 hours on top of the already advised 2 hours extra before departure so that you can just reach the airport in time. Traffic jams in Kenya is becoming a big problem. Internet Download manager is an amazing application and can do wonders. This application helps me in Medical school, as I rely on videos to aid my learning. This app allows me to download any medical video of my choice and watch it later, at my own time. , and also get to download the application and a full video to get you started with Internet Download manager, all for FREE. Get to know how to Use Internet Download Manager in UoN

To further configure your Internet Download Manager to work in UoN keep reading. I just had to give my personal review for this movie, and in one word I can just say AMAZING.

Story line: The main star Brad pit acting as Gerry Lane take a journey around the world going from country to country racing against time to try and save the world from a pandemic of Zombie attacks that is threatening to destroy humanity and replace the world with Zombies.

Main stars: j, , .

I watched this movie in 3d at the famous Imax Cinema in Nairobi. This movie starts slow and one might think this is just one of those simple romantic movies as it starts with Gerry Lane (Brad Pit) making pancakes for his 2 young daughters, as his wife Karin Lane(Mireille Enos) assists in preparing the children to school. On their way to school is where all the fun starts…

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