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December 12, 2007Kleen Car Auto Appearance


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Therma-Kleen Vapor Steam Cleaner

New Milford, NJ., December 12, 2007 – After many months of steam machine researching, and looking for a true commercial grade steamer, Kleen car would like to introduce what we believe is the BEST machine out there, and 100% hand made in the USA

Finally a 110 volt vapor steam machine that performs like 220 volt or propane! This is THE MOST powerful steamer you can buy that runs on 110 volts…and is made in the USA! A 340 degree operating temperature at 100PSI which is the highest in the industry!

Not only will this machine make quick work of the interior of a vehicle..This is THE ONLY 110 volt steam machine that can be used on the exterior of the vehicle. YES…you read this correctly..this machine can be used on engines, wheels, and…to wash the exterior of the car.

And before we forget…This machine can be leased for 36 months! Call us for leasing details

We have used steam machines for years now and have sold a few different models with various levels of performance and customer satisfaction. We still believe one of the more popular steam machines out there is still a good unit, but NOT a heavy duty and true commercial grade machine for what a detailer really needs. Many of the issues and problems with steam machines is that they are not built as true commercial grade units. They are not made to run all day long as some detailers need them to. They are just not powerful enough for really tough jobs and cannot be used for long periods of time and still hold the pressure and heat to effectively clean a vehicle

We have been researching different steamer companies for many months in anticipation of being able to sell a detailer a truly commercial grade unit at a fairly low price. The problem is that the low price and true commercial grade are not interchangeable. We found many of the imported Italian steamers are “good” units and may be good for a percentage of vehicles and may hold up if not used for long periods of time every day. However, for extremely dirty vehicles, and for detail shops that need and demand a steam machine to run all day, every day, these machines just don’t cut it. Therefore, we chose to sell a TRUE, heavy duty commercial grade steam cleaner.

The Therma-Kleen vapor steam machine will be the LAST and ONLY steamer you will ever buy. Here’s why…

Do not forget…This machine can be used on the EXTERIOR as well. You can clean wheels, engines, door jambs…And this is THE ONLY 100 Volt steam cleaner that can wash the exterior of a vehicle! It’s that powerful

Again, a 36 month lease plan is available. Please call us for details and pricing.

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