Kodak SP360 Review – 360 Degree Camera


Kodak SP360 Is Perfect For Those Who Look For:

A great 360 degree video camera with excellent image and video quality.

A cool “action camera” with built-in WIFI.Related Products We Recommend Buying:Kodak SP360 Alternatives :Ricoh Theta M15 360

Action cameras are very popular nowdays. It seems like everyone own a GoPro camera (or a cheaper action cams). Most of those sports cam work nice, and the video quality is great. But – the thing is – they can’t record 360 degree, or even 180 degree videos ! The truth is – here are only few cameras that can do that. Kodak SP360 is one of them. Let’s start with the image and video quality – it’s really good, no doubt about that !

This camera is very expensive – and features MOS sensor. Because of that, you can expect really good image quality. The videos look amazing – very unique ! If you never had a 360 degree camera before – you will be amazed ! I can say for sure – I was ! I never came across something like that in the past (expect an app for Android, but it’s not nearly as cool or as good).

Kodak SP360 comes with an accessory pack – everything you need to attach this camera to anything. The camera itself is super easy to use and that’s a good thing.

In order to record videos with this camera – you will need to buy a memory card as well. I recommend buying Sandisk’s Extreme 32GB MicroSD memory card- it works perfectly with this camera, and it’s also very fast. Because Kodak SP360 records videos in Full HD – you will need a fast memory card that will support that. You surly can also use cheaper memory cards- but if you already spent so much money on the camera itself – why “destroy” it all just to save few dollars?

The battery life of this camera is very good as well – about 2 hours. Much better than other similar cameras.

I also really liked the design of this product – I think this 360 degree camera looks really cool !

I hope you liked my Kodak SP360 review. If you have any questions – comment below


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