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Koi Pond

An oldie but a goodie,

is a great app for the money because of all the additional enhancements created by the developer since it’s release, which really shows how much they care about their product and it’s loyal fans.  The app itself is exactly what the name suggests: you have a virtual pond in the palm of your hand with random koi swimming into and out of view.  The quaint mix of natural sounds, whether it be of light splashing or ambient rain effects, and sharp detailed graphics (check out the ripples in the water and the detail of the rocks underneath them) will help melt any built-up stress.  Plus, with the added bonus of user interaction with the koi, the pond, and movable objects like the lily pads, experiment to your heart’s content to vary your Zen-like experience.  Already a winner to many iPhone and iPod Touch users, this app is unforgettable, especially in times like these when a creative distraction can bring us a little peace of mind.  Price: 99¢.

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