Learn how to prevent anybody form hacking your iCloud account

One of the biggest issues which anyone who has online account is facing nowadays is to keep the account and password safe from hacker attacks. Knowing how dependent we are on our Smartphone devices it is really important to learn a few tricks which will keep your account safe at all times.

One of the most targeted online services is of course the iCloud. Considering the number of iPhone users around the globe it is expected that the iCloud service would be number one target of the hackers.

Most often the hackers use various methods and hacking tools to breach into iCloud accounts. The ones with weaker passwords are in jeopardy to have big problems with their account safety in the future. Apple is constantly working on improving this issue, but sometimes the users need to get the things in their own hands as well.


Tools such as iDict are quickly becoming a threat to weakly protected iCloud accounts. This tool uses the brute force method to instantly remove iCloud lock and it is very difficult to recover the account afterwards.

However, the hacking problems are not something new and Apple is having this issue for a long time. At the beginning Apple has tried to manage the consistent password problems thru a constant URL.

The iDict and similar tools attempt to hack into iCloud account by disabling the authentication method as well as using a list of 500 most commonly used passwords. Apple has tried to make things more difficult for tools like iDict by adding extra security lairs and several security related questions. Perhaps this has brought some results because there are reports that Cupertino has managed to solve the iDict treat and that the development page of this tool has been shut down.


It is very important to keep your iCloud account safe at all times. The brute force hacking methods used by tools such as iDict may work only if you do not use a strong password. Of course this does not depend always on the user because the developers must be careful with the information which they leave in their error texts as well.


One of the most efficient methods to prevent iCloud account hacking is to use a strong password. By using stronger password you will make it virtually impossible for anyone who uses tool that uses brute force attack method to compromise your account.

To make a strong password you should always use special characters, symbols and numbers. Once you have set your new password do not forget to note it down because in case you lose it then the issue may be even bigger.

It is also recommended that you use other means of protection besides strong password such as adding two step verification on your account.

Just follow these steps:

  • Navigate to your Apple ID and press on Manage.
  • Sign in to your account
  • Go to the section Password and Security
  • In the section Two Step verification press on Get Started and comply with the on-screen instructions

Adding two step verification on your iCloud account will ensure that the hacker treat is reduced. Regardless of the account you have, it is always good idea to have this extra protection enabled and in this way you will easily discourage anyone from jeopardizing your online account.

Apple is always taking seriously the hackers treat and they are continuously working on providing the best security to its users. However, you can never be too cautious when it comes to online accounts. That is why make sure that you always have the two step verification method enabled and that you use extra strong passwords to keep your iCloud account safe.

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