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Have Acer Iconia Tab A101 and want to root? Well! Here’s a best guide to root your device. XDA developer ZeroNull and FloatingFatMan posted this method for Acer Iconia Tab A101 but sadly this method requires some familiarity with the command line and ADB commands. However you can follow this guide easily, but follow steps carefully.

DISCLAIMER: We will not be held responsible if you lose data or your device gets damaged in the following of this guide. Proceed at your own risk.

First enable USB Debugging, fully charge your device’s battery and make a complete backup of important information and data.

Step By Step Guide

Step #1: Download  (A10x_rooting.zip) to your PC and extract into a folder, extracted files will include ADB and su.

Step #2: Connect your Acer Iconia Tab A101 to your computer using USB cable.

Step #3: Transfer the A100 ROM file to the root of your tablet’s external SD card.

Step #4: Turn off your tablet and reboot the tablet into Recovery mode. You can do this by holding down the Volume Up key and pressing the Power button until you see text on the screen.

Step #5: Flash the A100 ROM in recovery mode and let the installation finish completely before proceeding.  Once it is done, your tablet will automatically reboot.

Step #6: Return to the folder where you extracted A10x_Rooting.zip into and, while holding down the Shift key, right-click within the folder.

Step #7: Select “Open Command Window Here”.  This will open a DOS prompt (command prompt).

Step #8: On the command window, enter the following command: adb devices

Step #9: If all is well, the command above should show you your device UID. (The device ID, of course, is not required for rooting, but it’s still a wise idea to jot it down for reference.)

Step #10: Enter the following command at the command prompt: adb shell /system/bin/cmdclient ec_micswitch ‘`echo ‘ro.kernel.qemu=1′ > /data/local.prop`’

Step #11: The above command will not display any text, but that’s normal and is not worth worrying about.

Step #12: At the $ prompt, type “exit” (without the quotes) to exit ADB shell.

Step #13: Restart  your tablet and Copy the A101 ROM file to the root of your device’s external SD card.

Step #14: Reboot the tablet to Recovery mode and flash the A101 ROM to the phone.  Your device should reboot automatically. If not, manually reboot it.

Step #15: Once your tablet has finished rebooting, return to the command prompt window and enter the following:

Step #16: Open Android Market on your tablet and Download and install–but –the following apps to your tablet: ,, and  (optional but recommended).

Step #17: Reboot the tablet and Once the device has rebooted, run the Superuser app.

Step #18: Run the BusyBox app and follow the installation prompts.  While installing, Superuser will prompt you to grant permissions to BusyBox.  Grant it permission. That’s it you’ve done.


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