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Modification of Contract

Extension of Contract

Assignment of Contract

Termination of Contract

Notification of Assignment

Consent to Assignment of Contract

Notice of Breach of Contract

General Release

Specific Release

Mutual Release

Covenant Not to Sue

Guaranty of Contract



Employment Contract

Independent Contractor Agreement

Job Application Waiver

Temporary Employment Agreement

Employee Warning Notice

Final Warning Before Termination

Notice of Dismissal

Employee Noncompete and Confident and Confidential Agreement

Confidential and Trade Secret Agreement


of Attorney:

General Power of Attorney

Special Power of Attorney

Revocation of Power of Attorney

Loan Agreements

& Guarantees:

Promissory Demand Note

Promissory Balloon Note

Promissory Installment Note

Payment in Full Receipt

Payment Receipt

Security Agreement

Pledge of Personal Property

Pledge of Shares of Stock

Unlimited Guaranty

Limited Guaranty

Specific Guaranty

Guaranty Revocation

Subordination Agreement

Agreement to Assume Obligation

Notice of Default on Promissory Note

Demand to Guarantors for Payment


and Collections:

Payment Request

Second Request for Payment

Final Demand for Payment

Notice of Assignment of Account for Collection

Notice of Disputed Account

Offer of Account Settlement

Agreement to Compromise Debt

Notice of Dishonored Check

Request for Credit Reference

Authorization to Release Credit Information

Consignment Agreement

Offer of Settlement

Letter to Remove Information over Seven Years Old

Follow-up Letter to Credit Agency

Letter to Cr Request Removal of Old Information

Credit Report Reverification Request

Credit Report Request following Rejection

Credit File Follow-up after Thirty Days

Request Removal of Unauthorized Credit Inquiries

Complaint Letter to Federal Trade Commission

Letter to Request Time Extension from Cr

Bill of


Bill of Sale – Quitclaim

Bill of Sale

Bill of Sale with Lien

Bill of Sale with Warranties

Contract for Sale of Personal Property


& Joint Ventures:

Partnership Agreement

Partnership Amendment

Partnership Agreement Clauses

Joint Venture (Short Form)

Joint Venture Agreement


Agreement to Form Corporation

Stock Subscription Agreement

Assignment of Subscription Obligation

Agreement to Assignment by Assignee

Acceptance of Assignment by Corporation

Stock Transfer

Reservation of Corporate Name

Notice of Transfer of Reserved Corporate Name

Articles of Incorporation (Brief)

Articles of Incorporation (Long)

Amendment to the Articles of Incorporation

Bylaws (Brief)

Bylaws (Long)

Minutes of the First Meeting of the Incorporators

Waiver of Notice of the First Meeting of Incorporators

Waiver of Notice of the Orgranization Meeting of Directors

Minutes of the Organizational Meeting of the Board of


Shareholders’ Agreement – Voting

Notice of Annual Shareholder’s Meeting

Waiver of Notice of the Annual Meeting of Shareholders

Minutes of the Annual Meeting of Shareholders

Notice of Special Shareholders’ Meeting

Waiver of Notice of Special Meeting of Shareholders

Proxy to Vote Corporate Shares

Notice of Director’s Meeting

Waiver of Notice of the Regular Meeting of Directors

Minutes of the Meeting of Directors

Real Estate:

Office-Sharing Agreement

Rental Agreement

Commercial Lease Agreement

Lease Modification

Rent Reminder

Rent Receipt

Guaranty of Rents


Notice to Exercise Option to Extend Lease

Extension of Lease

Tenant’s Notice to Exercise Purchase Option

Lease Termination Agreement

Landlord’s Notice to Vacate

Landlord’s and Tenant’s Mutual Release

Warranty Deed

Quitclaim Deed

Option Contract

Exercise of Option




Agreement to Share Litigation Expense

Consent to use Name/Likeness

Permission to Use Quote or Personal Statement

License Agreement

Permission to Use ed Material

General Assignment

Assignment of Accounts Receivable

Assignment of or Trademark

Assignment of Damage Claim

Assignment of Income

Assignment of Insurance Policy

Notice of Assignment

Arbitration Agreement

Request under Freedom of Information Act

Notice of Product Defect Claim

Notice of Product Warranty Claim

Submission of Unsolicited Ideas


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