LG 55″ Class 1080p LED TV Review

LG has yet to disappoint with their higher-class TVs. They can deliver stunningly high image quality and color reproduction for an appropriate price. Not only do their TVs perform great, but also LOOK awesome with thin bezels, a thin body, and ergonomic feet to hold it steady enough.

Here is my review of LG’s 55″ class 1080p LED (non-smart) TV.

lg 55 smart tv review

Design overview

The front face of the TV follows a very minimalistic and simple design. Its 1″ bezels surround the gorgeous glossy display and aid with creating character for itself.

On the bottom bezel, there is a small stamped LG logo. Round bottom the device, there are two feet on either side to hold the device steady. Though, this isn’t enough to keep the large panel from shaking when the floor does or when it’s being moved, but this is expected from such a large item. These are attached very simply during the setup process.

The back of the TV follows the same color scheme and has all your required ports – including HDMI, DVI, and component (for older setups.) On the bottom are the stereo speakers, which sound surprisingly good and get very loud at higher volumes.

Image quality

When you first turn on the display, it requires about 2 seconds to fully power up. Since there is no Smart function, the TV simply goes to whichever connection is selected. The only other UI is the settings.

The pre-selected preset for color and image quality is mainly geared towards power savings, which basically means the “lesser” setting. When you tinker around with custom options, like brightness and contrast, you can make a beautiful image for yourself. I was able to create and lock my own preset and do the same even with audio.

After creating my own preset, I viewed lots of TV and YouTube from my own BluRay player (which replaces Smart functions for me.) The quality is great. Since it’s an LED panel, we don’t get the color vibrance and brightness from IPS nor the deep and crushed blacks from OLED panels. However, for what it is, the TV does an awesome job at delivering a very clear 120hz refresh rate with great vibrance and color accuracy. It’s also pretty sharp.

Pros, cons, and conclusion


  • Stellar image quality
  • Great ergonomics
  • Quick interface
  • Simple but great design
  • Nothing, really

With its 120hz LED panel that reproduces colors vibrantly and accurately, great ergonomics, beautiful design, and simple interface – this TV is exactly something for a simple buyer. If you’re in the market for a new TV but aren’t looking to be confused by the new Smart features or other options, this is perfect for you. I bet it’ll look great in any setup as well.

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