LG KT610 Review

I’ve been lucky enough to source a LG KT610 to review for a few days from a friend’s father. Although this cellphone great from the outside thats about where it ends. The KT610 is a rather large disappointment in my eyes and here’s why.

 LG KT610 Review

Lack of Features:

Maybe I’m busy used to seeing a business class phone packed with features but the KT610 doesn’t have a lot of them. Although is has QWERTY keyboard, its battery life is terrible ( around 3-4 hours talk time ) is has no document editor preinstalled and no PDF reader. These things to me are the core of a business cellphone. It also has no Wi-Fi capabilities which is starting to become an industry standard among business mobiles.

Getting away from the business end of things, the KT610 only has a tiny 2 Megapixel camera. Personally I don’t use my mobile camera for much but when I want to use it, it needs to be ready for me.

For a brand new cellphone model, a 2 Megapixel just doesn’t cut it. It seems that most new phones are also coming out with GPS and A-GPS capabilities. Once again, unfortunately, the KT 610 fails. The is LG also drops the ball when it comes to multimedia functionality. Although it has MP3 ability, the sound quality was very poor and I feel its just an easy feature to try and include.

The upsides:

If you’re not looking at the KT610 from a business perspective then it might appeal to you. This phone would ideal for teenagers addicted to texting their friends or for Mxit. The QWERTY keyboard works like a charm and the Symbian S60 Operating system handles the texting very very well.The KT610 supports SMS, MMS, Email, Push Email and Instant Messaging!

The mobile has a HSDPA modem capable of 3.6Mbps which is very good, but again, the lack of WiFi might catch you out. It also has Bluetooth 2.0 and USB connection options which has become the industry standard for all business class phones.


If it were me personally, I wouldn’t purchase this mobile as I demand a lot from my mobile phone. However, should your MXiT crazy, high volume texting teenager want one, it would probably be a decent purchase due to its price.