Customer Info: Using The Lisbon Metro

About 500 thousand journeys are made daily in the Lisbon Metro. Every day thousands of people cross  paths along the passageways,  ticket halls,  station platforms and  trains.

For operation to run smoothly it is essential that all Metro users abide by a set of rules and regulations designed to raise service quality and passenger safety, with benefits for all.

Some of the rules  below are official and others are not. However, they all aim towards making  Metro rides as smooth as possible from the moment  customers enter our stations:

Always carry a valid ticket when using the Metro;

When using escalators and travelators, stand on the right or walk on the left;

Respect queues when  waiting to buy  a ticket or  to go through the access gates;

Always remember to validate your ticket at the entrance gates, including when they are open;

Before validating your ticket at the access gates,  wait for the gate to close after the customer in front of you has gone through;

Do not go through the access gates  with another customer. This is considered to be an offense punishable by law;

For safety reasons, customers are not allowed to remain between the edge of the platform and the yellow line marked on the floor;

The wider access gates at the stations, called special gates, are reserved for customers with restricted mobility, especially those with wheelchairs, baby strollers, carrying children or large objects. Do not use these gates if those conditions do not apply to you. The special gates are usually two-way gates: pay attention to the light signals and cross only when the green arrow is lit.

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Use the help points near to the access gates and on the automatic ticket vending machines whenever you need  help  from the station staff;

When the train arrives at the station, do not remain in front of the car doors. Stand to one side and allow passengers to exit the trains quickly;

Do not enter or exit the train after the door closing buzzer sounds and light signals come on;

Some seats in the passenger cars are reserved for the disabled, pregnant women and adults with babies. Please, give up your seat for someone who needs it more;

Do not put your feet on the seats;

The emergency buttons/levers near the access gates and inside the trains are only for emergencies. Their misuse is an infringement subject to penalty;

Smoking in  the Metro’s premises, namely trains, stations, accesses and adjoining facilities, is strictly forbidden and punishable by law.

Do not carry objects that by their volume, shape, smell or content may affect the safety or comfort of other passengers;

Bicycles are allowed on  Lisbon Metro trains every day  in a maximum of two bicycles per passenger car and only if  there are no large crowds of passengers;

Transport of pet animals is allowed in the Lisbon Metro trains as long as suitably accompanied and accommodated in order not to disturb or upset other passengers. Animal pets are considered suitably accommodated if kept in a proper container or under control with a muzzle and on a lead (up to 1 metre length) fixed to a collar, every item made of resistant material.

Respect the Metro stations and  trains in order to make their use as pleasant as possible for everyone.


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