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Whether you feed your little one with expressed milk or formula, selecting the best baby bottle is important..! You need to nourish your newborn and the options are breast feeding, bottle feeding or a combination of the both. The NHS recommends exclusively breastfeeding for the initial six months because breast milk is healthier and gives your baby all the essential nutrients they need and also protects them from several infection and disease. Even if you breastfeed you may still need to buy bottles at some point. It is an important baby gear item and you need to make sure that you have the right one for your baby.

There are a number of reasons due to which you need to feed your baby using a bottle. Like, if you are a mom who need to return to work within your baby initial months and need a substitute to feed your child with expressed milk or formula. Most mothers use bottles because they may experience some infections or disease due to which they can’t breastfeed their child. The other possible reasons are described below:1.      Help father or other family members to bond with the little one:Nestling your baby in the crook of your arms is amongst the best feelings. It not only helps parents to bond with the baby, but also provides opportunity for caregivers or other family members to feed baby, cuddle them and spend some quality time with the new member. Holding a bottle brings baby and other members together in a fashion that is similar to a breastfeeding mom.2.      It helps moms to take some break:Even if a mother is breastfeeding her child, there still comes a time when she may be not around or busy with other chores. Sleeping, shopping, taking showers a woman might engage with so many real world responsibilities that can make her away from the baby. Baby bottles can prove to be a best possible alternative to feed the child, especially when the mom is on much needed breaks.3.      Helps in skill building:Being able to rotate and learning to hold a bottle helps a child to learn independence, grip strength and hand eye coordination. The best baby bottle not only assists in feeding, but it also encourages a child to develop his skills in a way that is self-motivating.4.      Transportability and Convenience:Most grandparents prefer to take baby for the morning walk or most dads take their little one out for shopping, being able to carry around a bottle will help make an outing huge success instead of a frustrated hungry failure.When do you start giving your baby a bottle?

As mention earlier, mother feed is the most recommended for the babies especially for their first year. Meanwhile, you can also use bottles from day one, but if you are breastfeeding your child, then it is suggested to wait for some weeks so that your baby can get familiar with the nursing technique.

Additionally, there are many sizes of baby bottles are available in the market that may range from small sized to big size. Your selection can be based on the age and liquid consumption of your baby. The following guidelines will help you select the proper size:

1.       For newborn baby: 1.5 ounce to 3 ounces of feed every meal

2.       For 2 month old babies: 4 ounce to 5 ounces of feed every meal

3.       For 4 months old baby: 4 ounce to 6 ounces of feed every meal

4.       For six months or older babies: 6 ounce to 8 ounces of feed every meal.What are the different types of bottles?Glass bottles: Typically glass bottles are most recommended because they are eco-healthy, hard to scratch and easy to clean, but at the same time they can be easy to break and they are heavier than plastic. They are more expensive and sometimes more difficult for a baby to hold. They have a plastic venting systems, plastic collars, silicone nipples and sleeves. They also have narrower nipple.Plastic bottles: Plastic baby bottles are easy to carry, inexpensive and are light weighted. They have plastic collars with silicone nipples and a liquid volume marking on the outside of the liner or body. These marking help parents to determine how much ounces of feed you need to give the baby.Silicone baby bottles: Silicone bottles are easy to work with, the material is scratch resistant, easy to clean and lightweight. It doesn’t break if thrown or dropped from the hand. It can be sterilized, heated in a bottle warmer and also can be washed in the dishwasher. It is safe and considered as one of the best baby bottles for the baby, according to the ratings and baby bottle reviews available online.Stainless steel bottles: Stainless steel has a long life span and it is an eco-healthy option that is recyclable. Some stainless bottles are often lightweight while some are heavier, some might be available with silicone sleeves similar to those found on glass bottles.How to select the best baby bottle:

Selecting a best baby bottle for your child may seem easy to you, but it is actually as difficult as deciding for a wedding dress. With millions of shapes, sizes and types, there are a number of factors that you need to consider before you finalize one. The following tips will surely help you to make a wise decision:Choose the Material: From plastic to glass and silicone, a baby bottle may range in various body materials. Select the one that is eco-healthy and do not affect your child health. If you are looking to purchase a plastic bottle make sure it do not contain Bisphenol that can lead to harmful diseases.Check the Nipple style: the baby bottles usually come with 2 types of nipples, breast like nipples or narrow nipples. Breast like nipples contain a wider neck, which makes cleaning easy, while the narrow nipples found on the bottles with narrow necks which makes cleaning a challenge.Vents and Valves: Vents and valves help to decrease the burping, gas, colic and allow a smooth flow of feed to the child. So, this is also a necessary factor to consider while searching for a best baby bottle for your kid.Let’s take a look at best 3 baby bottle reviews in the UK:Lifefactory Baby bottle:Price around: £ 17

This curvaceous bottle rest comfortably and easily in your child’s hand. It is easy to clean, eco-healthy and easy to assemble. It is one of the best baby bottles with the 5 star rating and positive customer reviews.Cons: hard to clean when purchased with the narrow nipple, potential for breaking when drop.Tommee Tippee Feeding:Price around: £ 9

Tommee tippee has made the switching between breast and bottle feeding easier. This award winning range of bottle is best with its natural flex that encourage your baby’s intuitive feeding action for relaxing and comfortable feeding. It is economical and easy to clean.Cons: Some time feed leak.ComotomoPrice around: £ 30

The naturally shaped Comotomo bottles are ideal for babies who have trouble transitioning from breast feeding to the bottle feeding. It is light weighted; your little one will love to hold this. Its soft color, silicon nipples and natural shape make it the perfect choice for parents.Cons: due to its curvy shape it cannot stand.

We hope that this article will lead you to make the right choice. For more assistance, feel free to read the other baby bottle reviews.

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