Magnetic Phone Charger Adaptor ZNAPS Its’ Way to its’ Kickstarter Goal

If you are a regular reader, you will probably have picked up on the fact that we do enjoy great and innovative new charging solutions, devices or gizmos that take some of the pain away from having so many power thirsty gadgets. Well, here is another one in the form of ZNAPS, a magnetic phone charger adaptor that has already met its Kickstarter pledge target with 24 days remaining! The project was aiming for $120,000 CAD but is currently sitting at just over $700,000 CAD! That kind of response certainly shows the interest from the geeky public.

Magnetic Phone Charger

The ZNAPS is a small connector that plugs into the Lightning or Mico-USB port of your phone. Once firmly in place, the other part of the ZNAPS equation is the magnetic adaptor that installs to your charging cable and, when offered up to the protruding edge of the installed connector, magnetically attaches securely to the device.

With this kind of connection comes a number of advantages, the system providing a much easier way of connecting charging cables probably up there with the best of them. The ZNAPS supports Quick Charge 2.0 but in other areas does nothing to boost or detract from normal charging performance.

You won’t have to pay as much attention to how you plug your cable into your Micro-USB devices either as the system removes the requirement to plug the connector in only one way. On top of this, the ZNAPS connector has a silicone ring around it that will help prevent water damage at the charging socket of your phone, which is certainly a nice feature and great if you are one that always manages to get your phone wet in the rain.

magnetic phone charger

As well as charging, the ZNAPS allows data transfer when connected to a PC too so it isn’t only a one use solution either. It also features a tiny LED charge status indicator in its minimal footprint design so you will still be able to see what is going on without waking up your phone. You can even get a nifty portable key chain storage thing for it so that you never need leave home without it.

As far as fitting into your phone case, the creators say that the ZNAPS is so small that it should fit in almost any custom mobile phone case, so you won’t have to throw away your favourite garish phone home any time soon!

I’ve mentioned all these features and haven’t even got around to the price. $9. Yes $9. That sounds like a bargainous price to me, especially when compared to other charging adaptors that are already on the market. As is usually the way, various pledge levels on Kickstarter will get you various things.

The lower pledges get you varying amounts of ZNAPS connectors and adaptors, but as you go up the price scale you get the key chains thrown in too. It looks like the ZNAPS project aims to ship the devices from the end of November and into December so not too long to wait. Head over to the ZNAPS Kickstarter in the links below and have a read, you might just have to treat yourself…

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