Make money online with traffic exchange



Traffic exchange program is designed to get traffic to your site. If you have a website or blog then you must need traffic to your site. So traffic exchange is one of the way to get huge traffic to your site. This is a type of website which provides the service for webmasters in exchange for traffic. If you join in this program you have to submit your site and surf other peoples website. surf means visit others website. when you surf the website one window will be appear containing others website. There you have to stay 20 second to view one website. Once 20 second is over another website will be appear automatically. It is called autosurf. Like that you have to surf as many as website to earn credit. for surfing one website you will get 1 credit. in exchange of one credit you will get one visitor to your site.


Suppose you visited 1000 site you will get 1000 credit which is 1000 visitors to your site. It is 1:1 ratio program. Apart from that you will earn $0.30 as a bonus for visiting 1000 site. But if you have an AdSense account you can not submit your site in this program. because Google disallows use of AdSense in traffic exchange program.

Even if you do not want to assign your credit to your site then you can assign those credits to your referral and affiliate link. Then you will get many referrals. Otherwise, If you have joined in any site which has paid to promote link means some Aurora website like Icentria, clicksia it has PTP (paid to promote) link.

Paid to promote means promoting the website. If somebody click your promotion link then you will earn money from that. Now you can assign all the credits you have got from traffic exchange program to your PTP link. Remember one credit means one click or one visItor to your promotion link.

Apart from that these website has referral program. Some website has 5 tier referral program. That means 10%, 5%, 3%, 2%, 1%.

It means you will earn 10% credit from your direct referrals. 5% credit from the people referred by your direct referrals and so on. Minimum payout for this program is $3.00. Its free to join in exchange program. everybody is allowed to create one account only. Sign up given website below and make money online without investment easy way.


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