How To Make Money By Selling Ebooks, Reports And Guides

Today there are many people who make money selling ebooks. If you ever wondered how to do so for yourself, here are some ideas about the ebooks industry and how to sell ebooks. In this post, we will answer some frequently asked questions in terms of making money selling ebooks.

What is eBook Marketing?

Selling eBooks online which help target customers radically improve their life in one or many ways is called eBook Marketing. It is also known as “online marketing” or “web marketing“. A person who sells an eBook is known as an “online marketer“ or an “internet marketer”.

How much does an eBook cost?

Generally, eBooks start at $50.00 to $5000.00 depending upon the research required as well the effort and time required. It can go higher than $5000.00 as well and there is no upper limit.

How can I achieve greater amount of digital product / eBook sales?

It’s not the amount of content but the value that is derived from it which will matter most. And value is not always counted in terms of money but feelings, thoughts, experiences, respect and realizations as well. How sharply does your content deliver results rather than beating around the bush is what makes a report / guide / eBook progress at jet speed in terms of direct and indirect sales.

make money selling ebooks

Fullfillment or rather “satisfaction” is the term. And satisfaction can be derived only from growth. So, how does your product grow a person / individual is essentially important for you to know. What happens when an individual reads through your Report / eBook / Guide?

Build a long term business, not for some short term quick money profit. You cannot sell an eBook as a get rich quick scheme. Most of it doesn’t work. People are wise, not foolish.Some of them might be naive but they do realize if you’ve fooled them.

And many of them visit the best forums across the internet and know a lot of other people who you could possibly benefit from. It’s word of mouth. It’s a chain.

What makes a product sell?

Your strategy will decide whether you will make money out of it or not.

It’s the value that counts. If you aren’t providing any consistent value after selling the eBook, there would be people who would buy it and just ask for a refund. This way they get it for FREE. So, to counter that, a strategy has to be in place.

What matters most to customers when they buy an ebook?

Remember, it’s not content that is king but “Satisfaction is king”. You’ve got to make them feel worthwhile, valuable and useful. Meaningful is the word.

So, What matters most to customers is the value realized in totality from the execution / implementation of the ideas mentioned within the eBook. Whatever value you give must multiply to the lives of all of your customers. It has got to be radical. Dynamic. Ever-Growing.

How to hit higher conversions, attract lots of leads and higher margins of profits from each visitor?

Take every interested buyer’s email address on the sales page who feels like downloading the ebook. And hit them for a sale exactly after they enter their email address. This way, you can make more money than you think you would have imagined.

Instead of asking them to “buy now”, use “download now” as a term for selling the eBook, if you want higher conversions for your product

How to market my product and compete with others in the same niche?

Create a unique space for your product and your self within the market. Let people know what is it that, as a specialization, only you can deliver and no other person can help them with such perfection. Something that is so unique, new and different about your product that no other seller sells within your market.

And to top it all, don’t call it an eBook but a confidential secret report. This way you safeguard your brand value, interests and your report. Making it available exclusively to only the first 1000 buyers can make you a decent amount of profit. Then you can open the sales again after some time period like 6 months or 1 year. Create anxiety, eagerness and curiosity within the buyer of your product.

There are various tricks of the trade.

Can I use affiliate links within my eBook / report so that I could make more money through my digital product?

You could have a resource page within your report as well as within your product website which could include various valuable resources that other people are selling. You can make direct affiliate commissions or gather affiliate leads through those page(s). This would help you make product sales as an affiliate when other product sellers send emails to sell their product.

What could be a great marketing / sales strategy to buyers that don’t buy my product and leave?

Always remember that if a buyer does not buy anything from your sales page and they are about to leave, give them something for free that they would find invincible and strangely difficult to resist. That has to be for free which can be currently sold in the market for a price, possibly you could have even sold that product before to other people.

It could be another marketer’s product as well which he is willing to share for a lead that could follow on a sale. You could make affiliate commissions on that and even share the leads between the two of you. Build a list of all the people who visit your sales page. All in all, you must have a specific business plan in mind before you even start to get the report written and think of putting the report / guide on sale.

How do you ascertain an eBook’s price? How do you charge clients for each eBook?

So, what is the ‘end user value’ that the eBook generates for the end user? That solely determines the costs & worth of the eBook. The pricing of each eBook depends on how in-depth the content is required and what value it finally delivers to the users. Accordingly the pricing is adjudged.

How have you used e-books or guides to bring value to others? Do you have any tips on How to make money selling ebooks right now? Share in the comments below.

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