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Are you struggling how to earn money online without investment or just make money online from home then find out the aurora website to make money online free. From a single site you will find multiple jobs. You don’t have to go different sites for different work. Here you will find all the jobs incorporated in a single site . Its just like all in one.


Before you are going to work in Aurora site make sure that you have an account in paypal or payza in order to receive the money. These are online payment processors. If you do not have an account then create a personnel account in paypall today. Its easy and free to create an personnel account in paypal and add your bank account or( credit card) and pan card to your paypal account for account verification. First you will receive the money to your paypal account. Later you can transact that money to your bank account.


Aurora website are those site which has many earning programs. Unlike PTC site it has not only one way to make money. But it has different ways to earn money . Its earning program includes

1- Paid to read

2- Paid to click

3- Paid to promote

4- Traffic exchange

5-Sign up offers

6- Referrals

Now you can make money all the different ways which i have listed above. Let me to explain about it. Paid to read is same as the paid to click. You will be provided a link to view through your email. after you click that link it will take you another website. There you have to view that site for some seconds to earn money.

Paid to promote means promote the website. You will get a promotion link after your registration. You need to promote that link through various methods. If some body clicks your link and open that website then you will earn money online.

But question is how can you promote your promotion link? If you joined in any traffic exchange program then all the credit you have earned assign those credit to your promotion link. here one credit means one click to your link. As you get more click you will earn more.

Aurora website has its own traffic exchange program. Traffic exchange means you have to surf others website to earn credit and those credit you can assign to your referral link or promotion link . Through that you will get sign up to your referral link. So both traffic exchange program and aurora website is useful for each other.

Here i am giving you some of the traffic exchange sites, you can join in these site to earn more credit which will be useful for your paid to promote link and referral link. You can use those credit both purpose.

1- easyhits4u



Sign up offers means you have to sign up particular website through your email address and then submit your email.

Then you can make money online without investment easy way is through its unique referral link.


A referral is a person who joined in a particular website by clicking your referral link. Aurora site has best referral will make some percentage of money what your referral make. Some aurora site has 5 level, some site has 3 level referral program. if you have good referrals under you then it will multiply your income. It depends on your skill how you can promote your referral link to build a strong downline under you. The best way to promote your referral link is through your website or blog, through traffic exchange, through list builder

Some of the list builder sites are

1- List surfing

2-List domino


Apart from that you can promote your referral link through various fee advertising site like




You can promote your referral url through submitting your articles to article directories. Write a good article with good content using referral link. If good traffic will come to your article you will get more sign up. Some of the good article websites are

1- Squiddo


3- Article dashboard


10-Article base


Another way to promote your referral link is through social network. piterest and stumble upon is the best social network to share your referral link

So aurora websites are multipurpose website because it provides different ways to earn money. This site are open for every country. international members are allowed. Many times i have seen people from india looking for the site to earn money. Because they could not get the survey sites or gpt sites to earn money. All the top GPT sites and survey sites has no earning source for india. Even they hardly get a gpt site to join but it has not enough offers or surveys to make money. Now they can earn money from the aurora site. These site will not cost anything for its registration. so sign up the given website below. and make money online without investment in India free.

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