Manipulating The Stock Market Easy As Pie

Cooking a good pie is not easy but manipulating the stock market is as easy as baking one. That is why I left it as an investment vehicle in the mid 1980s. I had been doing extremely well on the stock market mostly to due diligence in picking the stocks and knowing things about companies. Inside knowledge of the computer industry and a global network of friends with information aided me. I learned a few tricks about the stock market. How pricing was done, top and bottom marketing as well as placing the orders in the pit and how they were executed and more importantly why they would get executed. I am not going to divulge the whole secret to manipulating a stock here, at least not yet. Rumor and spin control the massive fluctuations of stocks and that is where profits lay. Both for day-traders and those whose interest is keeping money safe yet gaining profits usually relegated to new issues. My trading was providing near 1000 percent profits over six month trades; I would wait for the long-term capital gain to sell so my reputation for picking winners was solid after a two-year streak. I found with as little as $10,000 I could manipulate a stock downward at least 10 percent and buy it up to make a tidy profit in a few days. Holding it for the tax period was no problem as I only picked stocks that were solid companies. A few accounts at different trading houses, well placed puts and sells pressuring the stock along with a few bad rumors to accommodate the reason for the stock drop easily accomplished this minor mission. I know this is wrong. But there it was and even I, a minor player, could do it. I showed my father how it worked to convince him that the market was unsafe and that was the last I did it and the last time I invested. I figured out most of the tricks watching penny stocks when they boomed. How complete frauds would be funded just through rumor. No one even read the offerings, because many actually told what they would do, improve their homes, buy cars, pay off their bad debts and maybe spend some time to make a new hair-restorer which never happens. Well this simple discovery I made can be very useful to people with a lot of money that want to make more. If I understood it then many more must. With $100,000 or millions of dollars to trade you could really rake in money on the big name stocks. Remembering the rule that you want to pick a company stock that was pretty solid but prone to rumor. In this modern day the Internet provides a great place to plant rumor. Say you had a very savvy friend at Google, or understood Google from the inside out, who not only understood how stories rise but also could bring a negative story about a company in solid shape to the top of search results for a specific rumor. You even start short selling and putting in calls at lowball prices. It would result in driving that stock down. You accumulate on the fall knowing the value of the company will rise once the rumor has been quenched. You know it will regain its value so buying it cheap is a secure way to make a real lot of money. You even wait the time period for long-term capital gains and you are in the banking business. So, watch the rumors. Invest in strong companies with due diligence and remember Google is not a news source.

Aly Chiman

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