Mini Rex Rabbit Breed Supplies

Mini Rex Rabbit Breed Supplies

What supplies do you need for a Mini Rex rabbit?


is a

with compact body type and dense, short, plush fur.

They are incredibly soft, and amazingly sweet-tempered… at least as a rule.

If you’re considering a pet rabbit, you should definitely check out this breed. And if you’re checking out this breed, you should definitely know what items you need to help it to thrive under your care.

Here’s a quick list to help.

Mini Rex rabbits weigh about 4 pounds, which means they must have at least three square feet of floor space.

However, a rabbit’s needs vary with its age and stage: a junior Mini Rex will need less space than a doe and her growing litter.

In any case, the rabbit must have enough space to stretch out completely when it lies down.

In fact, a cage too small will not only cause discomfort, but could even cause muscular and skeletal injury!

On the other hand, bunnies can be difficult to catch in cages that are too big.

The minimum sized cage for an average sized adult Mini Rex would be an . They do better, though, in a

because they have more room to stretch out and exercise. These plushy

bunnies do have a fondness for food, and will get chubby if you’re not careful.

So in addition to a cage of sufficient size, Mini Rex should get out for exercise at least a few times a week.

Whatever your Mini Rex rabbit’s cage size, there’s one accessory it must have: a . Most rabbits can live on wire floors with no problem.

But because Mini Rex have unusually short plush fur, they are susceptible to pododermatitis if they sit too much right on the wire. That’s a fancy name for when the fur wears away on the hind feet and the skin cracks.

Better known as sore hocks, this can cause infection and bleeding, and is very hard to beat once a case has developed.

You can soothe the skin with healing ointment, such as , but the fur may not grow back, causing an endless cycle of breaking and bleeding.

When it comes to sore hocks, prevention is key.

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Pack of Twelve:

Mini Rex do very well in a small

(not to be confused with a Dwarf sized carrier, which is could be called extra small). Although this seems very small for the rabbit to feel comfortable in, the size does serve a purpose. In a carrier too big, a rabbit could easily be spooked during transport causing him to rip out a toenail, fracture a limb, or even break their back and die. However, you still want the carrier to be just big enough for the rabbit to lie down, which makes the

slots perfect for a Mini Rex.

Mini Rex don’t have any special needs when it comes to feeding and watering.

Like all breeds, they have a penchant for tipping their food bowls over whenever possible, so it’s a good idea to get one that .

Mini Rex can drink out of bowls or bottles.

If you’re not sure which would be better for your bunny, check out this article that .

Although the Rex coat makes them more susceptible to sore hocks, one nice feature is that it almost never requires brushing.

All you have to do is moisten your hand and run it through the fur to pull out the dead hairs.

In fact, frequent brushing can destroy a Mini Rex coat.

However, like all breeds, they need their toenails trimmed regularly.

Enjoy your Mini Rex!


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