MomMed Announces New Wearable Breast Pump

MomMed Announces New Wearable Breast Pump

MomMed (, a one-stop online shop for pregnancy and parenting, announces that it is introducing its new product, MomMed Wearable Breast Pump. It is the first wearable breast pump that moms use when they want to prevent any potential milk loss after a baby is born, as well as prevent mastitis.


The MomMed Breast Pump allows moms to pump comfortably whenever they want to prevent any potential milk loss, it can also function as athletic wear. The MomMed Wearable Breast Pump uses latest technology. MomMed Breast Pump is intended for moms who find it difficult to breastfeed or cannot nurse for any reason.

“The MomMed Breast Pump is a great product that keeps your life moving without slowing down,” said one of the happy moms we interviewed.

As per MomMed team the design is such to provide moms with a new option for nursing and help them feel comfortable with breastfeeding.

The MomMed Breast Pump is made using soft materials, and the slide mechanism provides a comfortable fit.

Moms can comfortably pump in the curved handle, adjust the band, and pump from both sides. Moms can continuously pump for 30 minutes, after which the breast pump automatically stops.

Moms can use the MomMed Breast Pump while exercising, working, or trying to conceive.

“It’s a helpful product for moms, allowing them to continue breastfeeding after they give birth,” said a mom of 2 young kids. “The MomMed Breast Pump allows me to continue feeding my kids even if we are out.”

MomMed Breast Pump can help with long drives and travelling as well, MomMed Breast Pump has made an amazing product for moms.

Our mission is to equip every family, especially women trying to conceive, with the most professional guidance and companionship. Always be positive in life. MomMed will be with you every step of the way to and during motherhood.

For a limited time only you have a chance to grab one for yourself or your family using a special code: NEWPUMP2022

MomMed Breast Pump retails at $99 and is available online at

If you’re looking for other ways to keep your baby healthy, check out MomMed`s selection of baby scale and fever patches! Both of these items can help you keep track of your baby’s weight and temperature, respectively, so that you can ensure they’re both doing well.

MOMMED Bluetooth Digital Baby Scale

As per MomMed Website the features of the best-selling baby scale are:

  1. Safe and comfortable tray for baby.
  2. Gifts to accompany the growth of children.
  3. Suitable for your pet

The baby scale has a curved matte platform. It was designed to maximize your baby’s comfort and avoid your baby slipping off. With the help of a rotary lock, you can easily lock it with the scale. The baby scale is stable and safe.
It can provide weight detection for children.

From the child born to the child to walk, our baby scale is always a perfect gift. As per their representative from the company the Bluetooth scale can also accompany your pet to grow up every day. It can also help you know the pet’s weight change.

MomMed Fever Patch for babies and adults ranges from $35.99-$76.87, depending on the count your purchase and is available online at

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MOMMED Fever Patches

The fever patch comes not only for the baby but for adults too so entire family can keep their  temperature in under control too. The cooling patch provides physical cooling relief to protect the brain with the effect lasting up to 8h. It will have better use if put in the refrigerator.

As per MomMed`s team the fever patch is drug-free, and you can use them in conjunction with medication. The cooling patch can be used to bring down fever, reduce temperature, relieve migraine, headache, toothache, heatstroke and muscle ache. It can also use as an effective breast-cooling pad.

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Other features of Fever/Cooling patch:

The fever patch adopts weak-acid gel that is skin-friendly, fragrance-free, color-free and less allergic, a must in the family first-aid kit.

The fever patch has good adhesion and the gel is less easy to separate, which makes it stick tightly to the forehead. Please wipe the grease and sweat on the forehead before use, so that the patch is not easy to fall off.

The cooling gel patch is available for babies whenever they need cooling relief, incl. fever, heatstroke, headache, etc. A magical effect can also be achieved by cooling the phone while playing games or watching movies.

MomMed Fever Patch for babies and adults ranges from $6.99-$20.00, depending on the count your purchase and is available online at

When you are on the website check out their other products too as they have an amazing collection of wide variety of products to equip every family, and especially women who are trying to conceive, with the most professional guidance and companionship.

As the motto of company MomMed wants everyone to be always positive in life, they promise to be with you every step of the way during and after motherhood.


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