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Toledo ID30 Terminal


PC-Weighing Terminal ID30 is a rugged industrial and high-performing

PC in one solution. Top efficiency and high flexibility are bundled

in a corrosion-resistant stainless steel housing with completely

IP69K protection. The open PC architecture is the basis for flexible

solutions of most different tasks in weighing applications and data



Toledo IND4xx Series – Certifiable and GMP-certified. Quality from

milligrams to tons


4 Series – Certifiable and GMP-certified. Quality from milligrams

to tons. The housing of the terminals of the IND4x5 series are made

of aluminium diecast. It guarantees an IP65 protection. Terminals

of the IND4x9 series have a stainless steel housing with an IP69k

protection. For this series, there are also models available specially

designed for hazardous area of the category 3.


Toledo IND2x Series Weighing Terminals

The weighing terminals

of the IND22x Family cover a wide range of applications. All terminals

of this family offer functions for simple weighing, over/under checkweighing,

classifying and counting. The big and fast LED display supports efficient

and error free operation. Thanks to the option of an internal rechargeable

battery these terminals can be used for mobile weighing applications.


Toledo IND310 Vehicle Scale Terminal

In addition to Vehicle

ID and transaction tables, the IND310 offers four configurable database

tables for storing user-defined information (defaults are product,

customer, and destination tables). You can accumulate weights by Vehicle

ID or by fields within any of the user-defined tables. capabilities

speed up transactions by locating data quickly.


Toledo Panther PT Industrial Process Terminals

The PT Industrial

Process Terminals are compact, easy-to-use weighing terminals. The

PT terminals are available in both harsh environment and panel-mount

enclosures. They can be integrated with process control equipment

through a variety of methods, including discrete I/O, analog output,

Allen-Bradley RIO, Modbus Plus, PROFIBUS, and DeviceNET. The PTHK

terminal includes a numeric keypad, a time and date feature, and

the ability to accommodate up to 10 targets, making it even more




Toledo IND560 Weighing Terminals

The IND560 represents

the latest in METTLER TOLEDO technology and is the most versatile

weighing terminal available today. Choose from conventional strain

gauge or high precision electromagnetic force restoration weighing

technologies. Specify direct PLC or PC communication interfaces, or

digital I/O control. Combine these selections with the option of panel

or desk/wall/column-mounting, and the IND560 is the perfect match

for most any weighing application in many industries.


Toledo IND690 Weighing Terminals

Rustproof –

corrosion-resistant – dustproof: The IND690 weighing terminal

will withstand all industrial environments for years to come whether

the challenge comes from aggressive weighing samples, cleaning agents

or a wet, corrosive, dusty or hazardous environment. The IND690 will

provide reliable, precise weighing results and error-free functions

for years to come.


Toledo IND780 Weighing Terminals

The IND780 is a scalable

terminal whose flexibility of configuration makes it the perfect match

for a wide range of specific applications. It features connectivity

for multiple sensor technologies, networking, PLCs, and much more.

It also provides a platform for solutions that can be customized using

the terminal’s basic functionality, optional applications, or

the TaskExpert™ programming tool.


Toledo IND131/IND331 Weighing Terminals

The IND131 and

IND331 scale terminals deliver precision measurement data in a single,

cost-effective package.

Each terminal features:

• Support for analog scale bases

• Ultra-fast A/D conversion rate

• Patented TraxDSP™ digital filtering

• Crisp OLED (Organic LED) display readable in all light conditions

• Enclosure designed for flexibility in application environment

• Support for a wide variety of options, including DIO, additional

COM port, and PLC interfaces

• Modular design, multiple mounting possibilities

• Choice of AC or 24 VDC power supply

• Portable calibration and configuration settings, using SD

memory card

• Scale calibration through PLC interface

• CalFREE™ allows scales to be tested without test weights

Mettler Toledo IND560dyn

Conveyor Scale Terminal

The IND560dyn

controller provides a robust and reliable interface to conveyor

scales for in-motion weighing.

Items can be weighed while crossing an analog load cell-based conveyor

at speeds up to 100m/minute. Data from bar code scanners, RFID readers,

or dimensioning equipment can be integrated with the IND560dyn to

provide a complete transaction record. A target can be recalled

and weights compared against target values to trigger an output

or identify in the transaction record out of tolerance items.

Optional Ethernet and PLC connectivity provides flexibility for

interface to other control or data analysis equipment.




Equipment may be set up on a scheduled preventive maintenance program

where service is performed on site at least once per year or may

be delivered to our service center for repair.

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