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My Talking Tom

, MY  TOM HAS BEEN THE NO.1  APP IN ! Play now  for  why ’s so !

him up in   and fur , and  from  of  to make him   !  you’re  or an , there’s no  to the cool   have with Tom as your  !

With this new , TOM   HIS DREAM OUTFIT ” a fireman’s uniform! Now he can  cooler than ever . And   have    new interactive ” dragon helmet!

the  now and play !

” PLAY  MINI-: Earn gold     all  , from puzzle to adventures! Rocket , Tom Run, Flappy Tom,  , Bubble Shooter, Rainbows, Brick Blast and  are all to play!

” NURTURE YOUR VERY  TOM:  him, feed him his  , play with him, tuck him into , and watch him  from a   to a  , and    cool -grown  cat.

”   :  your tickets and fly   Toms. Fill your album with postcards from  and    for  adventurer.

”  YOUR CREATIVITY:  your very  Tom   from  of  of furs, , and .  his  and  the   to make his   cool.


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