New Food Blogger, What do you want your blog to be?

When you can seriously answer that question you can seriously make decisions to to start your very own New Food Blog.
The only way to be able to know if you are successful is to be able to measure where you are on the ladder toward your goals. If you haven’t set any goals then how can you know if you’ve succeeded?new food blog

Here are some thoughts on the journey to being a New Food Blogger.

  • You want to become a New Food Blogger because You love to cook and your family & friends always rave about your cooking. So you decided that you want to organize your recipes and have them all in one place where they won’t disintegrate and fall apart.That way your family and friends will have them for generations to come, anytime they’d like, OR
  • You want to become a Famous Foodie. You want to have your own Food Television show, Like Ree Drummond. (The Pioneer Woman) , OR
  • You want to Own your own Food Product Line, OR
  • You want to write cookbooks and become a Successful Cookbook Author, OR
  • You want to be able to earn REAL Money and maybe earn a living from a Food Blog.

Now Your talking!
If your choice was Number 1, you’ve attained your Goal! Congratulations!
Your recipes can now be all in one place. They can be filed digitally for all of your friends and family to see anytime they’d like to see them.

You can have an online Recipe Box that you can share with your friends and family anytime they ask. Simply follow the first set of directions (How to set up a Food Blog) and give the url to your friends and family or anyone you’d like to share them with. You now have the “Food Blog” you set out to have. Mission Accomplished! Congratulations!

If your answer was anything but number 1, you have to set a plan with some measurable goals.
Think about what it would take to get you to those goals.
In the First example setting out to write your recipes and publishing them to a website, was exactly what it took to meet the only goal in the Blog Plan. If you want to do something outside of that, it will take a little more than developing a recipe, taking a photo of the finished product, writing a quick story and clicking the publish button.

So lets look at the options:

Do you want to be part of Food Television? What opportunities are there to get to that goal? Have you looked into Food Network’s Casting Opportunities? There are plenty of them.
You could prime yourself for that opportunity with a YouTube Channel attached to your food blog. Did you know that? How about something local? Did you know that your local TV stations and Cable networks look for people to do Cooking Demos specifically for a holiday or upcoming season (Tailgating, (for Football season), Homemade Ice Cream for a Summer Events etc…) local TV Stations Love New Food Bloggers because they work for Exposure. You can include whatever video from your local appearance in your application to the “Big Time”.  Ree Drummond look out!!

What I’m saying here is, Everything you’d like to do, just like in any “Business” or in “Life”, You need to have a plan with measurable goals. Having measurable goals give you benchmarks, to know where you are in the steps of your journey. Otherwise you’re just spinning your wheels.

You want to become the next “Mama Leone” and create your own Food Line!

Do you want to bottle your own Marinara? Maybe your BBQ rub is the bomb! Or maybe you make the best Kale Smoothies in the Land! Have you thought about what it takes to get a product line off the ground? Have you researched local entities like Farmer’s Markets? Did you know that almost every state has a Cottage Food Law?

A Cottage Food Law provides someone the opportunity to make a product in their home and sell it at Farmer’s Markets and specified areas. This gets your feet wet. This introduces you to “Food Product Development” at it’s most basic level. These aren’t Pie in the Sky Dreams. There are avenues for every path you’d like to take. You simply have to settle on your plan and set your goals. There are steps toward every goal. You just need to decide what your goal really is.

You Want to write Cookbooks and become a Success Cookbook Author!
Once your Blog is on a website and you have clicked the “Publish” button, You ARE a Food Writer. Wanting to be a Cookbook Author is just a few more steps away! There are many avenues with this one, but only 2 first decisions to make. Self Publish or Big Publishing house? That’s a decision entire books have been written on.

To get yourself started a simple E-Book of say 25 recipes, can be done in a weekend. You can try that out at first, right on your Blog. It will most certainly get you more readers. Offering a Free E-Book of  Cookie Recipes for example, at a holiday time, will skyrocket your Food Blog’s readership.

An E-book simply consists of a fixed format PDF,  uploaded to a Vendor or to your website, for sale or as a giveaway for a Blog / Newsletter Subscription 🙂  Now if you’d like to do a Hard Cover Book, just to see what it looks like or to maybe give away as a gift or prize… Blurb always has sales and coupons, for Photo Books. Those Photo Books have text areas that can be utilized for Recipes. How Great would that be?

Again, knowing where you want to go makes getting there that much easier. What could your very expensive GPS do,  if you didn’t put in an address? It’s the same with your Food Blog. You need a plan.

Lastly “Making Money and earning a living from Food Blogging“.
Is your Blog going to truly be a business? Businesses need Business plans. What goals have you set in your Food Blog Plan? Do you know how to measure the success of a Food Blog? Those are questions you need to ask yourself.

I have a whole website dedicated to articles and tutorials on different ways of giving your blog exposure through networking, but if you don’t have a clear cut plan of measurable goals for your Food Blog, you’ll be following my advice, getting traffic to your blog, but once your audience is there you haven’t given them anything to do, but read and enjoy your FREE recipes.

Is that, the business you wanted to be in? The FREE recipe business? Sometimes we can get what we ask for, but then realize we didn’t ask for the right thing. That’s where this article comes in handy. Before you start asking for a Food Blog, Define what the term Food Blog means to YOU .

Take a moment to sit down and really know what you want to do. Is there an amount of money you need to make from your Food Blog, to feel self-sustained in Food Blogging? Then think about how many hours you REALLY want  or have the opportunity, to work on your blog.

I’m talking about  creating Recipes, Taking a Photography class, learning the ins and out of Social Media, maybe Pursuing Blog Sponsors and learning what Sponsors are looking for. You then need to establish connections, Create credibility and  create a REAL sense of what your Blog’s mission is going to be.

If you work on your blog as a hobby, then a hobby it is. If you want it to PAY you like a job, then you have to work on it like it’s a job.  🙂

In summary the goal of this article was to get you to think more clearly about what your blog is going to be to YOU.  The only way you can clearly define it to someone else, is to know it yourself.

Aly Chiman

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