Nicole Epton Interviews Prof Sue Thomas About Vision2020 Leicester

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Nicole Epton Interviews Prof Sue Thomas About Vision2020 Leicester

Leicester Wave Reporter Nicole Epton interviews Professor Sue Thomas of Leicester De Montfort University about the Vision 2020 Leicester Conference taking place at Phoenix Square in Leicester on Wednesday October 13 2010.

NE: Can you tell us a bit more about Vision 2020 Leicester?

ST: The idea of Leicester 2020 is to say ,well its 2010 now what could Leicester be like 10 years from now in 2020

NE: What kind of people will be attending?

ST: We have a lot of people from creative businesses artists and people involved in the voluntary sector lots of different people who care about the city.

NEo you think this conference will get people thinking more about Leicester future? Why?

ST:Yes, we need to think in ‘blue sky’ terms about how Leicester can be but we also need to think practically about how we’re going to get there so there will be a mixture of wish lists and then to do lists to actually make things happen.

NE:What kind of technologies will be used during the conference?

ST:There will be quite a few people I expect to be tweeting and filming bits of the conference , blogging it and we also have the BT infinity bus that is going to be here for people to explore the new broadband technologies coming tot the city. I think you’ll find that nearly everybody there will be using a phone or a camera at some point.

NEo you think what you have considered in the conference will effect young people?

ST: I think it certainly should affect young people and we hope that young people will come and have their say but we have discussed wether to have a separate vison 2020 specifically for young people, it would be interesting to see how that will match up against this one.

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