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NordicTrack Commercial XM

It will target different part of your lower body like glutes, calves, hamstring and quads. This machine perform smooth, frictionless resistance as it is a system that allows you to adjust workout intensity and can choose up to 16 levels in order to target your desire workout plans.

This machine simulates running uphill and adds both challenge and variety to your exercise session. You will never have worry about getting a perfect machine that can handle your weight because Commercial XM holds maximum capacity of 350 LB.

Commercial XM also offers 18 Different workouts that automatically adjust on your desire workout and, guess what? You can also create your own workout and save them with the help of 1-Touch resistance, which refers to its single touch button system!

It also has built –in fans on it so you can workout comfortably and stays cool for long workout. This machine also has a Heart Rate Monitor sensor that is built into your handle bars to ensure you are in your right training zone for your goals. Its large non-slip pedals, balanced flywheel, and incredibly strong system is guaranteed to keep you safe.

The company is so confident in the superior construction of this machine that it comes with a lifetime Frame Warranty nd if ever the warranty is not enough they will also give you a 90 day parts and labor warranty. You can now workout with a surely high quality product.

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