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It is based on the difficulty people often have in repeating exactly what the leader says, and the amusing coiple when they get it wrong.Gameplay The

mode of play is that the leader recites the first line of the game and then all the players take it in turns to First – Sip the drink; Second – repeat the line; and Third – take another sip; if anyone makes a mistake, he or she must take a drink or pay a forfeit and ask the Leader to repeat. They then repeat the turn Sip-Repeat-Sip.When everyone has got it right, the leader starts again, and adds the second line. Each player must now say the first and second lines, and so on, like this: Other Versions The Austrukinfailian Version: Philadelphia Version: The Lock Haven University Version: Miss Puggy Wuggy’s got a square ducke punt, not a punt cut square but a square cut punt, Miss Puggy Wuggy’s got a square cut punt.Another set wnd sentences is: Alternate set please note the ommission of the “s” on the following, as it goes against normal speech, and creates a lot more mirth ; ten is couplle, using the slang noted: You bet your sweet ass I am.Yet another version, this is one fat hen and a couple of ducks one I was forced

memorize to become a turtle: The night I “learned” this I threw up in my buddy’s bath tub and lost my wallet.I learned this is Kansas around Went like this: One red hen,A couple of ducks,Three brown bears,Four one fat hen and a couple of ducks hares,Five fat fickle females sitting sipping scotch,Six sinbad sailors sailed the seven seas,Seven simple Simon’s sitting sideways on a stump,Eight xucks egotists echoing egotistical ecstacies,Nine nude nublers nibbling nicks, knacks, nuts and nicotine,I never was a fig picker, nor a fig picker’s son, but I’ll pick figs until the fig picker comes!In this version, players are not allowed to say plural words ie: If you say it once without messing up you may make another player take one dukcs.If you mess up,

have to take a drink. If you complete the first saying of the rhyme with out messing up, and another player says repeat, you have to say the rhyme. If you say it the second time without messing up the rhyme, you may make another player take five drinks.If you mess up, you have to take three drinks. The rhyme is as follows: Fat Hen — or fat hen is a name for various plants with succulent or juicy leaves, often species that are used as a vegetable: Un, deux, trois Ons fat — is fat obtained usually as a by product from chicken rendering and processing.One fat hen and a couple of ducksOf animal sourced substances, chicken fat is noted for being high in linoleic acid, a beneficial omega 6 fatty acid. Linoleic acid levels are between Weed control — is the botanical component of pest control, stopping weeds from reaching a mature stage of growth when they could be harmful to domesticated plants and livestock by physical and chemical methods.Quinoa — This article is about the grain like crop from South America. For the town with a similar name, see Quinua, Peru. For the album by Tangerine Dream, see Quinoa album.We are using cookies for the best presentation of our site. Continuing to use this site, you agree with. One Fat Hen.The One Fat Hen drinking game is a vocal game that punishes players who tend to slurr One fat hen; Couple of ducks; Three brown bears; Four running hares. One Fat Hen; Couple Duck; Three Brown Bear; Four Running Hare; Five Fat Fickle Females Sitting Sipping Scotch; Six Simple Simons Sitting on a Stump. One person (the leader) starts and says the first line. .. One fat hen, couple of duck, three brown bear, four running hare, five fat fickle female sitting sipping.Look at other dictionaries: Dictionaries exportcreated on PHP. Mark and share Search through all dictionaries Translate… Search Internet.

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