Leon Smith OBE

Andy Murray, OBE. Wimbledon Champion 2013.

Olympic Gold & Silver Medallist, USO Champion 2012

Team GB – Davis Cup Champions 2015

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Re: Leon Smith

For those of ya not on my facebook just to let ya all know i once again got to meet, have a squeeze & get a pic of lovely leon!! We cornered him as he was leaving jamie & johns first match lol!

I asked him if hes looking forward to the semis & he said he COULD NOT WAIT!! Also said to me we all need to be extra loud this time as the aussies take it to another level & are very organised! I assured him we most certainly would!!

Jan 62 has been informed and once again is green with envy & is totally raging

Re: Leon Smith

Aye jealousy is a terrible thing

Re: Leon Smith

Haha that’s so brilliant Angie Pangie,

did you tell him where we’ll be sitting, where to look out for us?

I’m not FB – pls can you put the photo on here, as well?

Ive tried to put pics on here b4 rosie posie & couldnt do it but if ya email me your adress i will send ya it

or are ya on whatsapp? Could do it that way.

Did u not see my one with him at queens either?

Lucky you seems like a lovely guy!

OMG!!! Wait till i tell u this.. rosie bear you may be right about that restraining order coming my way

Remember i said i was going down to meet ally for a coffee & dropping a good luck card in for leon & the team, well down i toddled after work but this time i couldn’t get access inside the arena or cafe as they’ve blocked it off so i said to security guard at front gate could he get the card to leon for me?

He said he couldn’t but directed me to a side door and said just go in see one of the inside security guards & they will take it from u and get it to him! So up the corridors i went and found myself at a barrier outside a door, there was a lady security i explained to her and she said…thats the team dressing room right there, just at that the head security guy came out so i was just gonna pass it to him but he said hang on, he popped his head round door and next minute he was waving me in saying leon said just come in its ok as they are all dressed

well i nearly hit the deck my face was scarlet with shock!!

unfortunately no andy or jamie there at that time but james ward was doing some excersice on a bench…few other guys milling about that i recognised from queens. Leon was his normal charming self..i said you may remember me from new york and he said yes!!!

I handed the card over and said this was from all on AMFF

and wished them all the best of luck, asked how kyle was and he said he would be ok. Just wish Andy would have been there but feel very lucky that i got to hand the card over in person so i musnt be greedy

im still shaking it all happened so quickky & was so unexpected

Well, Angiebabez timed that one well.

I was just too late for the changingroom visit, but met her afterwards.

She was still buzzing by the end of our coffees!

Great stuff Angie – and all the better for being so unexpected.


Totally Alis. Cant wipe the grin off my face

Definitely the best kind of security guards!

I had a good chuckle at that

Glad to hear that Kyle’s ok too!