Pakistani Wedding Full Guideline

Here are the full details and guideline of Pakistani Wedding, from mirage proposal to engagement, Nikah, Barat and Walima. When we talk about the Pakistani marriages that follow the Islamic Laws, as the bulk population of Pakistan are Muslim; the marital arrangement is not just the union of two persons but a union between two families. A “Pakistani wedding” typically has the massive number of events. Which vary according to the varied Muslim societies, but the unchanging events of usual Pakistani Wedding are as follows:

  • Marriage Proposals
  • Dholki
  • Engagement
  • Nikah and Barat
  • Walima

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Pakistani Wedding Full Guideline

Marriage / Wedding Proposal

This is the first event that happened in the typical Pakistani Wedding.  A proposal party is held at the bride’s house where the groom’s family formally asks for the bride’s hand in marriage. Which is shadowed by an interchange of gifts and Surat-ul-Fatiha is recited. This party typically takes place in the twilight and tea time appetizers and tea is provided to the invitees.

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Pakistani Dholki Event

It is mostly Pakistani famous event where the bride’s and groom’s families and relatives. Separately organize a party at their reputable house some days ago from the main wedding event. The party contains the women arranging dance routines for the following Henna (Mehndi) function and the playing of the tool called Dholak, along with old old-style wedding tunes which are sung by the families.

Pakistani Engagement

The second event after the wedding proposal is the engagement ceremony in Pakistan. An official gathering on a somewhat large scale is held to proclaim the engagement between the bride and the groom. According to societies, the bride and the groom are supposed to be separately engaged, where the bride is given the ring by the groom’s mother on a separate day and the groom is given the ring by bride’s mother on a separate day.

However, nowadays, two engagement parties are too much of a bother for both the families. So the bride and groom interchange rings the same day, which is followed by the interchange of family inheritances and gifts, spiritual quotations from the Holy Quran are recited and the date for the wedding is decided. A proper dinner is arranged for the guests in Pakistan.

Nikah and Barat

The main event in the Pakistani Wedding is the Barat and Nikah. Barat is mainly the arrival of the groom at the Nikah ritual attended by his relatives and family members on a horse carriage and a band playing songs follows. Nikah is an Islamic action, where the bride and groom sign a marriage contract followed by the reading of Quranic Surahs and pray for the married couple’s future. The act of Nikah is perceived by close relations and family in the existence of a certified “imam” licensed by the government. Marriage is measured illegal without Nikah in Islam and in Pakistan. The wedding is only consensual when both the bride and the groom have two eyewitnesses present.

Pakistani Walima

This is the last event in the Pakistani Weddings. The Walima ceremonial is the final dinner organized by the marital couple after their marriage is spent and exposed. The basic drive is to rejoice their marriage. The dinner arrangement and the wife’s dress and gold jewelry are provided by the husband. The Walima ceremony also means the blessings of the groom’s parents upon the married couple for a gratified marriage life. The wedding officially ends with wedding present presented to the bride and groom usually in the form of cash. The couple decides a honeymoon spot as to celebrate the first few days of marriage, the northern areas of Pakistan are usually chosen as the honeymoon places; however well-off families favor overseas honeymoon trips.

As dating between a man and a woman are measured shameful for both sides of the family; the marriages are usually decided by the parents and head individuals of the families. An arranged marriage is usually confirmed on the common ground of spiritual group, wealth and social family of the bride/grooms family. However, Love marriages are becoming common in Pakistan due to the acceptance of western values amongst the youth and dating is done in privacy which usually leads to a marriage.

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