Permalife Rubber Mulch Review and Coupon Code

In landscaping, there are numerous factors that determine great design and easy maintenance, and given consumers’ lifestyles today, the two should go hand in hand. Mulching, is vital for several reasons, but not all mulches are created equal. Some last only a couple of seasons, at most, requiring owners to reapply the ground cover to the specific areas, resulting more work and increased costs. This is the main concern with natural wood mulch, which is beautiful at first, but soon after ends up discolored and decayed. An easy solution is applying Peramlife Mulch, a man-made mulch that will last for several years.

It’s made from recycled rubber, so it’s not only a good solution for the consumer, but one that is also beneficial to the environment. Permalife Rubber Mulch provides longevity, beauty, a reduced workload, and numerous colors with which to coordinate the exterior color palette. While there are other synthetic solutions, the Permalife ground cover is a better investment for many reasons, as described below.

Yes, that’s Permalife Mulch!

A landscape can take precious time away from you to maintain it, so finding viable solutions can allow you to relax and enjoy it instead. Most people want a well-manicured and attractive garden, but it can be extremely time-consuming. As people already have too much on their plates, their lawns and gardens may become neglected, resulting in overgrowth of weeds and other plantings. Applying Permalife rubber mulch will minimize the need to tend to the garden, and what is likely the worst part of gardening”weeding.

Exposed soil in garden beds and around trees and shrubs encourages weed growth, that not only adds to your workload, but also affects the appearance of your property. With a simple application of Permalife Mulch, all that can be avoided. Virtually anyone can apply it, either with it with a shovel or rake, spreading it out according to the desired look. After the application, it won’t require any maintenance, nor will you need to reapply it for years, unlike traditional mulch that may need reapplication within the same season!

Made completely of recycled tires, it’s one of the best ways to save money and time. Since it keeps the soil moist for longer, it reduces the amount of watering plantings would typically require, making this a greener solution. That also translates into saving even more time, as watering can be time-consuming. Permalife Rubber Mulch actually pays itself off within the first year of application, making it far more cost-effective than any other mulch, be it natural or synthetic. There’s no need for concern with regards to it attracting insects, and especially termites. As the exposed top dries out quickly, it prevents water from pooling, thereby reducing the risk of mosquito nesting, as well.

Available in a multitude of long-lasting, non-toxic, and attractive colors, it enables people to add contrast or continue a color theme in their landscapes with the utmost ease. Permalife Mulch color won’t fade under the sun, like others, nor will it leach. Its weight ensures it can hold its ground, in almost any weather conditions, unlike other mulches which can be swept or blown away. Permalife Mulch is also safe, so there’s no need for any concern with regards to pets or children.

Rubber is a fabulous material that provides numerous benefits, especially in landscaping, whether for residential or commercial use. It aids in providing essential drainage for healthier plants, in addition to reducing weed growth, if applied accordingly, and protects roots during the colder months.

Where Can Permalife Rubber Mulch Be Used?

There’s really no end to where Permalife Mulch can be applied, so it’s a matter of personal taste and landscape design. Apply it under a majestic tree to create a focal point, or use it to cover the soil in a flower bed, in a residential, commercial, or school landscape. It provides a wonderful visual effect along a driveway or walkway to create a picturesque design that doesn’t stop at beautifying, but continues to offer practicality.

Permalife playground mulch, called Softstuff, is great for covering your playground.  Rubber mulch discourages insect growth and is extremely safe.  It acts like sand but is much softer on little knees and unlike wood mulch, it lasts much longer and holds its vibrant color.  Just a 4″ application of Softstuff provides up to 12′ fall height safety factor, 6″ application provides up to 18′ fall height safety factor.

Permalife Mulch can be purchased online by following some simple steps to ensure you order the desired quantity. Using a coverage calculator, you can’t go wrong, so you won’t delay your project.  Use coupon code GREEN15 to get an additional 15% off your entire order at

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