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PhorceField ” Future is Picture Passwords

No matter what you do, every internet user has some sort of difficulty to remember their online account passwords. Adding to that, most of the users fall in to the preying hands of hackers and lose password for their phishing attack. To over come these type of situations and protect internet users from phishing attacks dudes at  Stony Brook University in New York have claimed to develop ”Picture Password” and also said that this type of passwords are far more better and secure that then the normal one’s. They named it as Phorce Field.

Actually Phorce Field is a system in which it asks the user to create a graphical password by choosing images in particular order from a set of twelve images. These images must be stored in a secret file where a legitimate website can access. When a user is ready to login, the only thing he must do is to remember and click the images from the given set.

As i said before it is an effective way to keep away hackers to trick you with their phishing attack. Actually the attacker who wants to trick you will never know what ow many secret images the website have or even what images you choose and what order it is, So that attacker should present with a large number of the possibilities hoping to get the right combination…. After a numorus failure logins the user will leave the phishing site.

Not only that but the researchers also tested their system with the 23 people and the results are pretty awesome. In that test 76% of them are unable to reveal even a single image and none of them reveled the entair password during the phishing attack.

Hope this works with real world and make our problems solved.


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