Install a package using pip (Numpy+MKL)

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Installing a package using pip (Python Installs Packages) is simple and easy. When all is working good.

Before we begin, let me tell you one important advice: in most of the cases, we will download our package (.whl extension) and then install it. This because some of the packages gave me errors and only with wheel file I successfully installed them. Others will work directly from console, but with most “sensitive” I suggest this way.

Assuming that you already have installed Python on your computer, let’s install Numpy+MKL.

Download the package from the Gohlke’s page: Choose carefully: cpXX stands for Python version and win32-amd64 for Windows distribution.

Go to the folder where your downloaded package stands and, by right-click, open the console in the current folder.

In CMD (or PowerShell) type:

Take care of the filename, it must include extension (.whl).

If you receive this error…

you must launch CMD/PowerShell with Administrator privileges. Take a look here how to do set it to always run a program as Admin.

Also, don’t forget to add C:\\User\\username\\Python-folder\\Lib\\site-packages to Windows Path. This will avoid future errors.

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