Pong Game Reviews

Today I’ll be looking back at pong and and how to play the game.

The object of Pong is get the ball past your opponents paddle.

The first one to score 11points wins.

And it’s easy to keep score thanks to the giant counters obscuring the the top of the screen.

There are tiny gaps on the top and bottom of the screen you want to aim for because the paddle can’t reach but the ball can.

The game is best enjoyed with two players,but there are four difficultly levels if you wan to play with your self.

The original pong used a knob, and thanks to the crafty development from Code Mystic, you can just your controller’s analog stick as knob, this was really cleverly implemented and you wouldn’t know it from jumping intoit and just using the thumbstick as you would normally, but the controls are good and work when held correctly.

The only thing that doesn’t work is the cornerglitch, which would’ve been fine if it were a simple exploitation, but the problem is that a new ball can appear already headed in the direction of this no fly zone that can continue of for several points in a row, which is game breaking.

But luckily this emulation comes with the ability to remove that little gap, as well set the match points to 15.

But if I play without the gap, then I can’t score even a single goal on the hardest setting, I’m pretty sure the artificial intelligence is perfect at this point.

There’s still a strange glitch that will bring the ball around to the other side of the screen, but there just doesn’t seem like a way to get past the computer.

Overall, Pong is fun distraction and a novel idea that started the gaming industry.

So let me ask, has anyone played the original pong machine, how does it hold up today? And have you tried pong on Atari flashback classics volume 1?

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