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Private Yoga

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“Private sessions with Sasha are well worth it for the extra attention you receive.  After just a few hours working together, she knows my body better than I do.  Sasha tailors each session around what my body needs, whether I know it or not.  She’s a great instructor and very cool.” -Anthony

There is no better way to make progress and experience transformation than with one-on-one attention.  Private sessions are therapeutic in nature, addressing each individual’s specific needs and goals.  Receiving private yoga instruction can be an incredibly rewarding and beneficial practice, regardless of your experience level, as it can serve to address physical imbalances and misalignments, allowing for increased strength and mobility throughout the body.

Private sessions are held at Mind In Body, 2313 Olive Ave, Burbank, CA  91506.

To schedule a session, please  or call 323-823-8963.


Consultation (30 Minutes): FREE

Single Session (60 Minutes): $100

Package of 5 sessions: $450

Package of 10 sessions: $850

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