Is Rapid Content Wizard a Good Investment ?

review of rapid content wizard

A new piece of software called Rapid Content Wizard has hit the market this week and although I am always skeptical of any new product that produces automated results, I have had success with various products in the past such as WP ZON BUILDER or EASY AZON – both of which dramatically speed up niche site production and development.   In the case of Rapid Content Wizard, I had followed this previous version of the product but never bothered buying it.

The problem with most ” content creating ” software is its just well – crap.  The articles would never pass human analysis and further more,  the days of Google being tricked by spun junk articles is long over.   Never the less, I decided to purchase Rapid Content Wizard and give it a test drive.  My reasoning being that if it works like the developer says – I could see it being a useful tool as part of my arsenal of niche site development.

One of the reasons I have been thinking about these type of applications is the recent Google update that happened earlier this month.  I saw few of my sites that were sitting nicely on page one drop well down for no apparent reason despite them being 100% white hat and it was just a refresher that once again Google can with the flip of a switch turn a site from profitable into non existence on a whim.   The key to succeeding with niche sites is volume – I know some of my fellow niche site developers preach just concentrating on a few sites and building them up into authority sites – but my experience is the opposite.   A site can be humming along nicely and WHAM – suddenly it’s invisible because of something Google did.

Because I have nearly 60 of my own niche sites in operation right now – and although a few sites dropped significantly – my overall traffic stayed pretty well the same due to other sites climbing slightly and sub pages getting more traffic.   If I had only a few sites that I concentrated on, then the recent update would have been very troubling.   I’m actually going to write more on this whole new Google Update later this week.

Anyways  – back to the new Rapid Content Wizard and how it works.  I’m one of the few people out there that will actually buy a product before writing a review ( one only has to search for any given new marketing product to see all the morons with their ” honest reviews ” of a product clearly they haven’t bought ).  You know – it boggles my mind that Google hits real sites with their new updates – yet can’t seem to filter out junk reviews by some guy in Vietnam gaming the system.  But I digress.

Rapid Content Wizard shows the layout of the GUI of the software. Although it has its limits – I can see potential in using it for bulk niche site creation.

I bought RCW including the developer rights which came to about $120 which is pretty stiff for a piece of software now a days.  I didn’t bother with the ” training ” upsell but did take the developers upsell as part of that purchase.   It’s a standard download and the members center worked fine with no glitches or annoying product pushing.

Not one to read directions – I decided to create my first article.   Rapid Content Wizard works by grabbing snippets or paragraphs from multiple articles and then allows you to drag and drop them into an article with flow and that in theory makes sense.   To start –  I went to Amazon and picked out a Portable Generator product and put it into the search cue to find related paragraphs.

I quickly realized that it has trouble with any type of long tail keyword and after several minutes of searching found nothing.   That isn’t to say there may not be some way to tweak it but right out of the box it gets an F for this feature as it failed to find any content on several products I tried.   I’m thinking if I ask it to bring back smaller paragraphs it might work.

When I asked though to find content on Inverter Generators it had no problem digging up results of which I was able to quickly assemble into a 800 word article that read quite well.  I hate spinners as they are pure garbage in my opinion so I didn’t bother changing up the article.   I then used the built in feature to check my article on copyscape which came back with a 83% unique rating.  ( you need to be a premium member with Copyscape btw to use this feature ).

It does though show the content that is duplicated in red which makes it easy to either update or delete.  I changed a few words and deleted a few sentences – and on a second check – the article came back as 100% unique.  Keep in mind though that just because Copyscape says its unqiue that doesn’t mean Google will.   Time will tell though.

( This poor site is a guinea pig test site for my entire network and gets all the software tested on it and has had its share of the Google Dance process.  )

Over all though, the article is readable on OK – better than some of the stuff I get back from so called ” professional writers “.

Rapid Content Wizard has a lot of features and is going to take some time to play around with as well as fine tune – but I can definitely see potential here to use as a secondary content creation tool.   I may in the future develop a whole site using it ( or maybe all the automated tools I have on hand ) and see what I can do say in a few hours.

I’ll keep you posted.

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