Reasons and Solutions to Avoid Paypal Account Get Limited Again

By using this trick, I have successfully restored hundreds of Paypal accounts of my clients and friends. I am an old Paypal account holder having weekly transactions of thousands of dollars. In fact, most of my online business is also running through Paypal. I live in a country where Paypal is not providing its services, but I have my own method of making Paypal accounts by using Payoneer Account that gives $25 just for signing up.

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In my upcoming posts, I will also write about How to create a Paypal account using Payoneer and bypass all Paypal verification to make it fully verified.

Based on my experience, I’ve tried to make a list of all those behaviors and things that perform main role in the suspension of your account. You will have to avoid all these at any cost if you really want your PayPal to work long terms, safely and securely.

There are following 7 main factors which cause get limited your Paypal account.

1) Moving Your Money Really Fast:


There are many chances that your account will get suspended if you will move your money really fast. For instance, Let’s suppose,

You received 200 dollars from somewhere. After receiving those 200 dollars, you immediately tried to send $50 from those $200 to someone or tried to shop something on internet.As a result, your account gets limited straight away. In the eyes of Paypal, the main reason of making you limited is that at the time when you are making your transactions really fast, it feels suspicious and without waiting for a single minute, they make your account limited.

Remember, it applies to

Receive money —-> send money
Receive money —-> withdraw money


2.Receiving too much money:


 The 2nd main problem that makes your account limited is that people receive too much money at a single time or quickly. If you look at this situation from the eyes of Paypal, a guy that is not having an established record of receiving huge amount of money has suddenly started to get hundred or more than 100 dollars in one go. There might be something fishy going on. So, make sure that you don’t receive huge amounts at a single time or you will make your Paypal limited and will be asked for personal information.


So, the question is how much is too much in the eyes of Paypal? Well, every time you start a new account, get started with taking less than $100 & do not increase your overall account to $500 or more. If your amount reaches to somewhere near $500, withdraw it after waiting couple of days or try to send it to any other account. With the passage of time, your account will get older and you can get huge amount of money, but safe side is always to be more cautious.Now, if you really want to receive more amount of money, you can use more than one stealth accounts and break up the payments. Another problem that occurs while receiving a lot of money too fast is that they might ask you for a (SS CARD)social security information to confirm that you are paying your taxes properly. Now, Paypal tells that there should be approx. 200 transactions of twenty thousand dollars in a year. However, if you will try coming out of the gate by taking the huge amount of money in, they will ask you for a social security information very early. The best method to avoid this problem is to receive money from multiple accounts so that the funds are more and more dispersed.

3. Withdrawing/Spending (exact amount of money or not leaving a single dollar left in the account)


Lets suppose, you have got six hundred dollars in your account balance and if you try to withdraw exactly six hundred dollars, you will get limited. Always make sure that you have something remaining in your account, at least ten percent or more. When you try withdrawing the entire amount from your account, it feels like you might be robbing a bank and running out.


Leave some amount at the back to make it look like you are not a thief or something (Ten percent would be enough). For instance, if you are withdrawing six hundred dollars from your account, leave sixty to seventy dollars in your account. This is the very important reason of Paypal account getting limited.

4. Error: When ever you try to send money, you get a message that says: “Add funds in your account before sending money” However, money is still there in your available balance.


When we try to move our money really fast on a new account, they filter it so that you cannot send out money. Always remember that whenever your account is relatively new, it is under a very soft review. However, there is no need to worry about any thing because if you are not doing any suspicious activity during that time, your amount will be released back with a couple of days time.


When ever you see this message, try not to send money so many times.Just leave your account for at least a week to get things normal and later check it again. It can take as much as 21 days time, so keep trying. We have seen that so many times, this issue gets solved just after a couple of days time.

5. Adding an account to the website on which a suspended account was linked previously.


If you have previously attached a Paypal account to your website and its now limited, Paypal will blacklist your domain for ever. So, if you are going to try to attach a brand new stealth account on your website directly, you will get banned once again. Let me tell you that luckily, there is a way out!


If you are using a 3rd party checkout tool that is using Paypal, you will be able to (accept paypal) without any kind of fear of getting limited. Another thing you can do is to host your checkout on a (different domain) so that Paypal is not able to look at it. I have also seen some people invoicing their consumers by using Paypal as well.

6. Selling high risk banks or items:


If you re invoicing anybody for a high risk brand name or an item like Nike shoes, p90x or you are even receiving money from eBay (under its title), there is a lot of chance that they are going to limit your account or ask you to provide supplier’s identification or information.


If you are trying to sell high risk items, invoice it under any generic name like “Item A, etc. Besides that, the best option is
not to sell any of these high risk items.

7. Sending / Receiving too many Friend and Family (Gift) Payments:


Most of accounts get limited due to this cause when they start sending receiving too many Friend and Family (Gift) payments and even you provide all the required documents and information to Paypal, they won’t restore it. Few of my friends in UK have faced this issue and never get their accounts restored even they provided everything.


Always try to send / receive payments as Service option or if you still need Friend and Family payments, try to use it less with minimum 100$+ in each transaction and never forget to add descriptions such as “Donation Payment, Gift Payment for Friend, University Fee, Gift Payment for Fixing Bug Bounty in Website, Gift Payment for helping in Project ect.”.

Final Words: Even if you are sending / receiving payments as Service or Friend & Family, never forget to add Description Message for your each payments relating to your business. If you will provide a description for a Physical stuff, there is a chance that Paypal will ask you for its shipping details or printed invoice document, so always try to use descriptions for Digital Products :).

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