Top Reasons Why Android is Better than iOS

reasons why android is better than ios

Quite a few years have passed since the arrival of Android OS. But, the popularity is still on a record high. People still are opting for smart phones that come with Android rather than iOS. There are various reasons behind Android scoring higher than iOS in every aspect. Here are some of them – Top Reasons Why Android is Better than iOS.

Better User Interface:

The interface provided by Android has really been a stunning one with every versions of this OS. With the latest version of Android, Google has made the interface more easy to use and has packed up with the latest yet innovative ideas. Other iOS comes with one or two navigation buttons. But, in case of Android, you can notice more than two such buttons.

Great Processor Speed:

The processors that are used in the Symbian and iOS are not up to the mark. They are slow and in most of the cases, do not support multi tasking. But, the processors that are present in the Android phones are much faster and let you enjoy what you do. Lately, Android has come up with dual core and even quad core processors for Smartphone.

Fast Internet Speed:

The default browsers provided with Symbian or iOS are not as fast as those of Android. This is because other browsers come with complex algorithms which ultimately make the internet speed slow. But, the Android browsers come with visual bookmark which is not only easy to handle, but also allows smooth flow of information.

Millions of Applications:

Google Play offers all the android users with millions of applications which are either paid or free of cost. But, the number of applications that are available for other OS are much lower compared to this number. From utility software to games, fun applications to effective ones, the market is really endless in case of Android.

Multi Tasking made easy:

The concept of multi tasking belonged only to PC before Android arrived. Now, you can work on your office document and at the same time, watch your favorite video and surf the net with the help of the multi window option provided with the latest phones with Android OS in it. So, who would go for the Symbian or iOS leaving such features?

Ability to Change Firmware:

It is not possible to change the firmware version in case of Symbian iOS. But, if you are using Android OS, you can easily install the updates that are released. With such upgrades, you can install and use more applications and can make the best out of your Smartphone.

Multiple Apps can be Run Simultaneously:

Android operating system has the capability of running a large of apps simultaneously. With Android devices, you can have a great experience of running many tasks together. The concept of App store simplifies the way users can use variety of software like games and office applications, without the need to wander throughout the internet.

Integration with Other Google Products:

A very beneficial feature of Android is the way it allows other Google services and Products to integrate into the platform. Android OS based devices allow the users to their Google account by busing the device. This provides an easy access to the user, to Google services such as Google Docs, Google Maps, Goggle Calendar and Gmail.

With the help of the various applications present, you can also create your own ringtones for android. Sounds great, doesn’t it? Opt for Android OS today and explore the magical world of technology like never before.


With so many advantages over any other OS, is there any reason at all for not being a fan of this great OS from Google? In the upcoming years, more and more people will be opting for this OS over other ones.

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