Recover deleted files with Ubuntu 10.04 Desktop

I’ve accidentally removed an important file from my HDD; this is not so awful, but it is very annoying to search in my USB key the information I need to remake this file.

So, for this kind of troubles, you can try a recovery tool! This kind of magic software tries to recover the deleted files. Obviously, don’t expect to recover the file in minutes… you need some time, it depends on the size of your HDD.

When you recognize to have been deleted an important file, lift your hands, don’t touch anything, don’t waste your time trying to search that file… you’ve just deleted it. Yeah, you did it!

There are many software to perform this kind of operation, but I suggest you to use Photorec because it is awesome; it’s a very simple tool, Free software of course, and you have a sort of friendly interface, not just a line console like the other software like this.

The easiest way to install it, is to find it through the Ubuntu Software Center; after you’ve installed it, launch it with the terminal just typing:

sudo photorec

Remember to use “sudo” if you want to see all the devices.

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