Remaining Ufone Balance Check Code for Prepaid

How to check Ufone Balance Code

As you all knows that ufone is one of the best and most popular network of Pakistan. Well it is always on the top because of their funny commercials. The packages of ufone are also awesome, but we are here today that how to check the ufone balance. Beleow are some “ufone balance check” codes that may helpful for your to check your remaining balance of your ufone sim card. Before this topic we also discuss the ufone advance balance code.

Check ChargesCode
Remain Balance CheckMinimal Company Charges*124#
SMS, Internet and Minute BalanceMinimal Company Charges*706#
Advance BalanceMinimal Company Charges*456#


  • Some important Terms and Conditions you must read.
  • The company terms and conditions may apply on all users, which you can easily read on company website.
  • All the codes can be changes any time by the company.
  • All the packages are only for prepaid user customers.
  • Taxes ratio are different for Islamabad and GilGit Baltistatn.                                                                    
  • All the sims are the identity of user, always use the biometric identified sim for security reasons.
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