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August 6, 2011

A short review of the Heckler & Koch P30L 9mm pistol with V3 triggergroup. – Semi-automatic 9mm handgun. – 9mm x 19 – Modified Browning locking system – 4.45″ barrel (11,3 cm) – 15 round capacity (or 16: 15 +1 in chamber) – V3 triggergroup: Conventional SA/DA trigger without cocking piece in the hammer with spur and centrally arranged de-cocking latch – Exchangeable backstrap inserts and grip shells (S/M/L) – fiber-reinforced polymer receiver – Ambidextrous slide and magazine release – Mil Std 1913 (Picatinny) support rail Questions or remarks? Leave a note. Btw: the word “Koch” is pronounced like the word “Loch” as in “Loch Ness” (except with a “K”). And yes, if you pronounce it the right way it does sound like you’re choking on something

But thats how its pronounced in German. If you can not pronounce it the right way, just stick with calling it “H&K” and do not make an ass out of yourself saying it’s “coke” or “kotch”. It is *not* right. Also check out my other video’s: And Hickock45 video’s:

Video Rating: 4 / 5

Disassembly and mechanical operation of the P7M8.

Video Rating: 4 / 5

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How much it cost today?

@sheeco10 Btw: check out my other video’s in the long decription of this video, including Hickock45′s video’s!

@sheeco10 Mostly 124gr Magtech and 115gr Fiocchi.


what type of Ammo do you use? 115gr or greater? ever consider changing the sights? You should subscribe to the HKPRO forum. your videos are great and a lot of people would like to see them. Check it out sometime.

P.S, your video is becoming like a movie. I watched it so many times, lol

Have a great day

@sheeco10 Sorry for the late reply. Yes I still have it. I have put +3500 round through it by now, and I have had only 2(!) malfunctions (stove pipes) with it and that was with the first box of 50 I’ve ever shot. After that: flawless track record. Still like it a lot as the gun is ergonomically (the interchangeable grips) and smooth operating..

Awesome review! I mean this is the BEST one on Youtube. I was going to buy an XDM but after seeing this I am debating. It is about $300 more and I wonder if it was worth the difference. I see it’s almost 2 years since you have done this review. What has been your experience? Do you still have it? please let us know.

Thank you


Bundespolizei is the former Bundesgrenzschutz. It was renamed some years ago. It’s not like the FBI. The FBI is a criminal investigative service, the Bundespolizei is mostly a uniformed police service with other duties.

@TheCommanderMAD Be specific. I don’t know “certain”countries in Europe. The ones that do allow it are at least BeNeLux, UK, Germany, France, Italy, Switzerland, etc.. The problem is not that it is not allowed: the problem is that manufacturers are usually US manufacturers and they are not allow to export tritium parts by American law. So we can own tritium sights but buying them is a problem as you won’t find the parts due to export restrictions – not import restrictions.


Tritium is not allowed in certain European countries because it contains “too much” radioactive material, even though the radiation produced from theses sights isnt enough to do any damage to you at all.

I read that in a gun magazine.

@kontknager True. I know a cop who knows some Israeli security agents flying with EL AL; they are allowed to carry (full auto) UZI’s and even practice on the Dutch police shooting range in Amstelveen/Osdorp. Normally that is not allowed in any way. But because they are Israeli they are.. A bit strange if you ask me.


Unless…. you have a lot of money or political influance. I know a bodyguard/driver (civilian) that has a carry permit. He works for a CEO of a major company in holland. Judges and public prosecutors also carry sometimes. But a normal citizen will never get a carry license. They are not important enough. The government has full control with disarmed law abiding citizens (minus the criminals)

Bundespolizei is like FBI

Bundesgrenzschutz is like Borderpolice

Bundespolizei is like the FBI !!

@vash241987 The V1 trigger

features H&K’s “Combat Defensive Action” (CDA) trigger, which is a variant of conventional Double Action Only (DAO) triggers featuring a cocking piece in the hammer for a lighter yet consistent trigger pull. Still: it’s DA only wheras the V3 is DA/SA.

also….whats is the difference between V1 and V3 triggers? I need to save up and rent one, the range I go to

makes you use their ammo (which BTW is expensive compared to store bought) in their rentals.

Thanks for the review!

@f0xmuld3r well it guess it could be false news or rumors , but there have been some video reviews and forum posts on H&K pistols that the reason why they have glow sight is that tritium. Just stating what I have heard and read, but since you do have a tritium watch is guess its false news?

Thanks for the reply though!

@vash241987 Who says its not allowed? I have a tritium watch; same stuff..

Why is tritium not allowed in europe? I know alot of people here in the states really would like them to come with them from the factory.

@Rem0en Moet je ff naar beneden scrollen in de comments: staat al een paar keer aangegeven.

@Rem0en Hangt er van af waar je ‘m haalt…

@jzawahri Can’t recommend against that

@0105225111 That depends on where you live.

Excellent comments and nice presentation. I am planning to get an H&K P30L.

nice GUN, can i know how much it costs??

@Teddibiase83 I see this comment often, but no one seems to know why. What is it exactly that someone might do with your serial number?? I can’t think of anything negative.

Four people couldn’t figure out how to cock a P7.

my dad found one in euroe when he was on a buiness trip and they said i t was used by german sin the 70′s and 80′s !

As much as I hate the new HK company. I plan on getting one of these sweet pieces. Simply ingenious.



No longer made. If I buy one does anyone know if parts will be available for it in the future? Thanks for info.

does anyone want to chat? Q

I don’t know if this is true for a P7M8s, but my IF dated M8 is actually really hard to shoot if you hold down the trigger and then squeeze the cocker.

Maybe it’s because that’s such a backwards way of thinking about shooting a gun away…

Nice pistol dude never seen one of those in real life.

I’m about to start shooting my P7 in the IDPA matches…

HK is not lying when they claim that the P7 can be “drawn and fired *accurately* faster than any other pistol” and that it is the safest pistol.

It is simply impossible for a child to fire and you never, ever have to think twice about carrying with a chambered round.

You MUST, however, keep your finger clear of the trigger guard, since any combo of trigger and cocking lever results in “El Blamo!”

Wow, so AG would be like the last of the last.

And they had just re-offered the M13 as LE-only because of the stupid ’94 crime bill.

I bought that KH piece in 1997, so the guys were telling the truth about its being new.

Thanks very much for the info.

I miss my USP.45 full-size, but once you get P7 fever, you just never recover!

As you know, one can easily unload, remove firing pin, take-down and reassemble/chamber in less than 15-20 seconds.

AE just means 2004, KH is a 1997. Not many M8′s were made in the last few years before they were discontinued, but I actually have an AG P7M13 as well.

That’s a nice pistol. Get some Nill grips on it!

Ah, nothing like bedroom target practice with backstop books


Whats so cool about AE?

My date code is KH.

Can you tell me anything about it?


M8 *is* the most handsome and slick.

But for serious self-defense, I think PSP is superior.

I have smaller hands and quick, bony fingers, though.

I’ve got an M8. PSP is much more comfortable and an easier draw. P7 series philosophy is:

1) First hitter in gun-fight.

Reload unecessary.

2) If reload is needed, cover and switch to high-capacity offensive gun.

With that, you really only need the PSP.

Word is the HK people carry the PSP.

And its cheaper.

That said, you’ll always think you are missing something until you have the M8.

The heat sheild is just plastic.

Superglue will fix.

Mine is okay after about 3500 rounds.

A gun store near me has a PSP. He had an M8, but he sold it for $1500. The PSP is $650, seems to be a good price considering its pedigree.

I was told the heat shields on the M8 will come off over time. The heel mag release doesnt mean much to me as I’ve carried a Makarov so I’m used to it.

The PSP’s good, and the M8′s better. I have had a PSP, an M8, and an M13; the M8′s my hands down favorite. The PSP has a heel release mag, smaller trigger guard, and insufficient heat shielding for extended firing, but is still among the best pistols I’ve handled.

Thinking about the P7 PSP myself, how does the P7M8 compare? Thanks

AE date code? sweet!

I love P7 very much. Very innovative even though it is a 30-year-old design.

nice but a little weird handgun

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