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Product pages on are all about helping buyers select and connect to the products they are interested in buying. As a seller you want to make a great first impression so that buyers will notice your product, will want to download your collateral or make contact with your sales team.

Here are some of the top tips for a great product page.

Nail that Product description – the first 220 characters of your product description will be shown on your product card in the markets where you list. Spend some time to get the essence of your product across in those vital first characters. You want buyers to click through to read the full description on your product page.

When it comes to product features, keep them short and sweet – list your standout features first, the features that mark you out from the competition and will grab the attention of buyers. Keep features title length and avoid trying to describe how well they work. At this point buyers will want to know whether you support the features they want. Later on you can tell them how well you do it. For example, an accountancy package feature “Customisable Invoices” is better here than “fully flexible easy to customise invoices”.

Eyecatching logos – square logos work best for the product page and we always recommend you upload different company and product logos so you will stand out.

Well thought out keywords – using the right keywords will supplement your product description text and your feature list and help get your product found.

Product Collateral – buyers use to find out what available and they like it when you make their search easier. Always ensure you upload some product collateral – a product datasheet works well but you are free to upload whatever you want here. Just remember that this bit generates leads for you so make sure it’s something an interested buyer will want to read.

Sales Contact – buyers are far more likely to contact you if you make yourself look human! Make sure you provide the name of your sales contact and put up a picture.

Make sure you are in the right categories – This one may seem like a no-brainer but it’s worth mentioning. There’s no point in getting your product found by buyers looking for HR software when you offer a great accountancy package! You can assign your product to a maximum of three software markets. Use search to help you figure out which markets are right for you, check out your competitors and see where they are listing.

Finally….always test the finished page. Its really easy to edit the product page anytime so remember to check it out after you have entered all your product information. The My page is accessed on the top menu bar wherever you are on site and has a handy menu to guide you whatever you are trying to do. Carry out some searches too – using your product keywords, description text and product features to make sure your product is showing up on search when you expect it to.

Posted October 22, 2015


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