Differences Between The Samsung Fascinate vs. iPhone 4


It’s about time the iPhone 4 has a worthy competitor in the expanding mainstream phone market, and that alternative is called the Samsung Fascinate. But does this newcomer compare to the classic groundbreaking technological capabilities that we saw in the iPhone 4? What about design, user friendliness, and most of all performance? Are there any ways in which the Samsung Fascinate outperforms the iPhone 4? Is there really any competition here?

Just like the iPhone 4, the Fascinate sports a four inch screen, a 1 gigahertz processor, and a pre-installed microSD card that gives you 16 gigabytes of space. It has a resolution of 480 by 800 and a tiny five megapixel camera. Besides these basic specs you can buy many additional Samsung Fascinate accessories, including Samsung Fascinate chargers and Samsung Fascinate cases, to protect your valuabl investment.

The Fascinate is a beautiful smartphone, easily comparable aesthetically to the iPhone and even a little bit lighter in weight. Like the iPhone 4, it combines STMicroelectronic’s 3-axis gyroscope for 6-axis sensoring together with a 3-axis accelerometer, allowing for easier navigation and better gaming. The Fascinate’s camera is similar to the iPhone 4′s camera except it doesn’t have a front facing camera. Like the iPhone 4, the Samsung Fascinate also comes with Stereo Bluetooth connectivity and Wi-Fi Wireless-N.

Compared to the iPhone 4, the battery on the Samsung Fascinate provides a long time of functionality even though active use. If you push it hard, however, it will probably still need to be charged at least every other day. The Fascinate also comes with the growing popular typing method, Swype. Giving it a slight edge over the iPhone in the area of text inputting, Samsung Fascinate’s Swype is an easier and quicker way to input text on a smartphone by allowing users to slide their fingers from letter to letter, only lifting at the end of each word. Swype also comes with algorithms designed to correct errors and a word guessing feature.

The Samsung Fascinate has 3G Mobile Hotspot capabilities and allows users to use their Fascinate as a wireless modem for sharing Internet use. With this feature, as many as five additional users with compatible Wi-Fi enabled devices can tap into the Internet along with you. The Internet connects well and works fast, even for streaming and gaming. The phone on the Samsung Fascinate seems to work like a dream with clear, crisp sound and little to no distortion. Even the speakerphone performs above average with a soft yet easily distinguishable tone to it, unlike the iPhone’s piercing speakerphone. Dropped calls are very limited and rare which is vital to the business world today.

A great business or social tool for use with Verizon Wireless, the Samsung Fascinate is very easy to use, has plenty of handy features, and on top of that is attractive, light, and compact. The official word is out. Your new smartphone has arrived.



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